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Study challenges use of charismatic wildlife as umbrella species for conservation

To help beleaguered Javan rhinos, study calls for tree felling, captive breeding

Community tropical forest management linked to social & environmental benefits: Study

Collaboration key to rediscovery of egg-laying mammal in Papua’s Cyclops Mountains

The Indo-West Pacific harbors two distinct mangrove hotspots, study says

Indonesia reports a new Javan rhino calf, but population doubts persist

Protected areas a boon for vertebrate diversity in wider landscape, study shows

‘What we need to protect and why’: 20-year Amazon research hints at fate of tropics

Protected areas store a year’s worth of CO₂ emissions, study reveals

New ‘snug,’ a snail with a too-small shell, described from Brunei rainforest

Flawed count puts ‘glorified’ Javan rhinos on path to extinction, report says

Study: Women, youths can be more effective at driving sustainable farming changes

Tropical forest regeneration offsets 26% of carbon emissions from deforestation

Carbon uptake in tropical forests withers in drier future: Study

Forest modeling misses the water for the carbon: Q&A with Antonio Nobre & Anastassia Makarieva

Here come the sunbirds: New species from Indonesia’s Wakatobi Islands

As Indonesia paints rosy picture for orangutans, scientists ask: Where’s the data?

In Congo, a carbon sink like no other risks being carved up for oil

New near-real-time tool reveals Earth’s land cover in more detail than ever before

Beyond CO2, tropical forests a ‘cool’ solution to climate crisis, study finds

Tropical trees’ growth and CO2 intake hit by more extreme dry seasons

Study: Most biodiversity hotspots lack formal protection in Borneo and Sumatra

Researchers turn to drones for that big-picture view of the forest canopy

Can the little-known tamanu tree replace palm oil in Indonesia’s biofuel bid?

Even degraded forests are more ecologically valuable than none, study shows

The past, present and future of the Congo peatlands: 10 takeaways from our series

Carbon and communities: The future of the Congo Basin peatlands

Holding agriculture and logging at bay in the Congo peatlands

Layers of carbon: The Congo Basin peatlands and oil

The ‘idea’: Uncovering the peatlands of the Congo Basin

Human influence on tropics predates Anthropocene, holds clues to current crisis

When a tree falls in the forest, you can still hear the birdsong

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