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Reforestation of Indonesia’s new capital city stumped by haphazard planting

Palm oil deforestation makes comeback in Indonesia after decade-long slump

Ecuador government weighs delaying closure of controversial ITT oil block

A particular agrarian reform process in Peru | Chapter 4 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon”

Study: Indonesia’s new capital city threatens stable proboscis monkey population

African Parks vows to investigate allegations of abuse at Congolese park

How to achieve the regularization of rural land in private properties in Peru? | Chapter 4 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon”

‘Healthy humans without a healthy planet is a logical fallacy’: Interview with Dr. Sakib Burza

Harmful mining continues in Nicaragua despite U.S. sanctions, new investigation shows

Brazil’s 2024-2027 “Transversal Environmental Agenda”: The elephants in the room (commentary)

Sarawak government’s hydropower plans worry Indigenous communities

Bid to mitigate gold mine’s impact on orangutans hit by stonewalling, data secrecy

A coalition created by a demand for land is splintered by a competition for territory | Chapter 4 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon”

Freeing trees of their liana load can boost carbon sequestration in tropical forests

Three new species of frogs found nestled in Madagascar’s pandan trees

Tropical forests share similar mix of common and rare tree species, study shows

Forest diversity is key to Southeast Asia’s climate adaptability, study shows

How Bolivia pioneered agrarian reform in South America

Grassroots efforts and an Emmy-winning film help Indigenous fight in Brazil

Terra Legal program to regularize small property owners | Chapter 4 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon”

INCRA as a regulatory agency | Chapter 4 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon”

Direct funding of Indigenous peoples can protect global rainforests & the climate (commentary)

Ecuador-China free trade agreement poses serious environmental risks, critics say

Uncovering the illegal jaguar trade in Bolivia with Emi Kondo | Mongabay Sessions

Why the Amazon’s small streams have a major impact on its grand rivers

Agrarian reform agencies and national land registry systems in the Pan Amazon

Outcry over deforestation as Suriname’s agriculture plans come to light

The dynamics of violence in pursuit of land in the Pan Amazon

Report shows loss of natural land cover in Ecuador — and where it can still be saved

A rush for ‘green’ iron is on in Guinea. Will chimpanzees be a casualty?

Amazonia in flames: Unlearned lessons from the 2023 Manaus smoke crisis (commentary)

Thousands of tree species at risk of extinction in Atlantic Forest: study

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