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Icelandic government grants new license to whaling company to hunt 128 fin whales

2 years after Bruno & Dom’s murders, Amazon region still rife with gangs

New database unveils the role of Asian hornbills as forest seed dispersers

Spotted softshell turtle release boosts reptile conservation in Vietnam

Comeback on the cards for Asian antelope declared extinct in Bangladesh

Report: Rising slaughter of small whales and dolphins threatens ocean balance

Conservation success leaves Nepal at a loss for dealing with ‘problem tigers’

Dholes latest wild canids likely making comeback in Nepal, study shows

‘Hope is the last to die’: Q&A with Indigenous leader Jose Parava on land rights

For Nepal, 2023 changed course of tiger conservation efforts

Incentivizing conservation shows success against wildlife hunting in Cameroon

Iconic Indonesian raptor still threatened by habitat degradation, isolation

Wolves through the ages: A journey of coexistence, conflict, and conservation

Poverty and plantations: Nigerian reserve struggles against the odds

Killings of Bornean orangutans could lead to their extinction

Hunters & habitat loss are key threats to red serow populations in Bangladesh

Iceland’s whaling paradox (commentary)

Study: Wild meat trade from Africa into Belgium a health and conservation risk

African Parks to rewild 2,000 rhinos from controversial breeding program

Suriname’s tapirs: Conservation in the face of hunting and other threats

International outcry as Iceland lifts ban on what could be last whale hunt

Kordofan giraffes face local extinction in 15 years if poaching continues

World’s largest private rhino herd doesn’t have a buyer — or much of a future

Critics decry Nepal minister’s ‘terrible idea’ of ‘sport hunting’ tigers

Meet the kipunji: A rare primate success story in Tanzania

When “cute” is cruel: Social media videos stoke loris pet trade, study says

‘No future’: Iceland cancels whale hunt over animal welfare concerns

Illegal settlements, hunting and logging threaten a state reserve in Mexico

Survival and economics complicate the DRC’s bushmeat and wild animal trade

Montana cannot be trusted with grizzly bear & wolf management (commentary)

Namibia’s first peoples struggle to access their traditional lands (commentary)

PNG youths’ loss of tradition is bad news for hunting — but also for conservation

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