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Thai plan to redraw boundaries of tiger reserve sparks concern and criticism

A Guatemalan reserve turns from civil war refuge to deforestation hotspot

Thai tiger numbers swell as prey populations stabilize in western forests

Conservation pays and everyone’s benefitting from it (commentary)

“Game over” for the Amazon forest and global climate if Trump wins? (commentary)

It’s the bee’s needs: Study finds best plants for bee health, conservation

Climate surprises: Amazonia and the lessons of Brazil’s catastrophic flood in Rio Grande do Sul (commentary)

Study says 40% of Amazon region is potentially conserved — more than officially recorded

‘Miracle’ in miniature as rare new plant defies deforestation in Ecuador

Beekeeping helps villagers tend coastal forests in Thai mangrove hotspot

Using immersive media to strengthen support for the environment: An interview with Wendy Schmidt

Brazil’s BR-319 Highway: The latest maneuver to obtain approval for an environmental disaster (commentary)

Deforestation in Earth’s largest rainforest continues to plummet despite a rise in fires

Emissions from loss of plant diversity spells massive climate trouble: Study

A tale of two frogs: The tough uphill battle for rediscovered species

Narco activity takes heavy toll on Colombia’s protected forests, satellite data show

A tiny desert fish hits a 25 year population high in one of Earth’s harshest environments

Pressure grows on banks to end business with Indonesian coal giant Adaro

Governments are ramping up actions to fight environmental crime across the Amazon, but is it working? (commentary)

Otter-preneurs: Female sea otters lead the way in tool use for survival

In Brazil’s Cerrado, aquifers are losing more water than they can replace

Photos confirm narcotraffickers operating in Peru’s Kakataibo Indigenous Reserve

Hold my ointment: Wild orangutan observed healing wound with medicinal plant

Final cheetah conservationists freed in Iran, but the big cat’s outlook remains grim

Despite drought, Amazon deforestation alerts hit five-year low

Indonesian palm oil, Brazilian beef top contributors to U.S. deforestation exposure

New study says conservation works, providing hope for biodiversity efforts

Meet the 2024 Goldman Environmental Prize Winners

Borneo and Sumatra megaprojects are carving up clouded leopard forests

Women weave a culture of resistance and agroecology in Ecuador’s Intag Valley

Global study maps most detailed tree of life yet for flowering plants

Deforestation alerts in the Brazilian Amazon fall to a 5-year low

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