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‘It is indeed our problem’: Interview with Mário Soares on Brazil’s mangroves

New study reaffirms Indigenous lands key to mitigating climate change in Brazil

As Big Tech eyes the carbon market, will it work this time?

Are carbon credits another resource-for-cash grab? Interview with Alondra Cerdes Morales & Samuel Nguiffo

Experts highlight importance of ‘prebunking’ to combat climate disinformation

UK’s Drax targets California forests for two major wood pellet plants

Enviva bankruptcy fallout ripples through biomass industry, U.S. and EU

E-bikes could cut smog, energy use and congestion globally — but will they?

This year’s ranking of EV carmakers from most to least ‘clean’: Report

What principles should define natural climate solutions? A new study has some answers

Freeing trees of their liana load can boost carbon sequestration in tropical forests

Markets and forests: 7 takeaways from our series on the forest carbon trade

The future of forest carbon credits and voluntary markets

Leveraging the hypothetical: The uncertain world of carbon credit calculations

‘Cowboys’ and intermediaries thrive in Wild West of the carbon market

Do carbon credits really help communities that keep forests standing?

Who protects nature better: The state or communities? It’s complicated

Earth on ‘devastating trajectory’ to global tipping points. But there’s hope.

Despite progress, small share of climate pledge went to Indigenous groups: report

What Brazil should have said at COP28 but didn’t (commentary)

Carbon credit certifier Verra updates accounting method amid growing criticism

At Climate Week, guaranteeing Indigenous land rights and funding is crucial (commentary)

‘We don’t have much time’: Q&A with climate scientist Pierre Friedlingstein

U.N. ‘stocktake’ calls for fossil fuel phaseout to minimize temperature rise

NASA satellites reveal restoration power of beavers

Study: Tricky balancing act between EV scale-up and mining battery metals

EVs offer climate hope, but total auto supply chain revamp is vital

Internal combustion vs. EVs: Learning from the past to boost sustainability

Asian Development Bank’s climate commitments require greater accountability (commentary)

Blue carbon deserves a green light for the climate fight (commentary)

U.N. climate chief calls for end to fossil fuels as talks head to Dubai

More evidence backs Indigenous territories as best safeguard against Amazon deforestation

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