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Report links H&M and Zara to major environmental damage in biodiverse Cerrado

Bird-friendly maple syrup boosts Vermont forest diversity & resilience

Certificate of origin for Acre’s açaí is a boost for the Amazonian superfood

As RSPO celebrates 20 years of work, Indigenous groups lament unresolved grievances

Calls for FSC to drop Canada’s Paper Excellence over ties to deforester

Report alleges APP continues deforestation 10 years after pledge to stop

Indigenous Dayak ‘furious’ as RSPO dismisses land rights violation complaint

EU deforestation-free rule ‘highly challenging’ for SE Asia smallholders, experts say

Group certification helps Malaysia’s Sabah aim for palm oil sustainability

Palm oil giants Indonesia, Malaysia start talks with EU over deforestation rule

‘Sustainability is a continuous journey’: Q&A with RSPO’s Joseph D’Cruz

Indonesia to cut tuna harvest in bid for more sustainable fishery

With little will to fight it, corruption is major risk for Indonesian palm oil

Brazil’s Indigenous groups demand a voice in new soybean railway project

Tide Island: seven decades of environmental racism in Salvador

EU ‘moving the goal posts’ with new timber requirement, Indonesia says

With FSC rule change, deforesters once blocked from certification get a new shot

Drive for restoration and remedy behind some NGOs’ cautious support for FSC changes (commentary)

‘More responsible forest management is needed’: Q&A with FSC’s Kim Carstensen

FSC-certified paper plantation faces farmer backlash in Colombia

FSC-certified Moorim Paper linked to massive forest clearing in Indonesia’s Papua

Indigenous-led report warns against ‘simplistic take on conservation’

Why farmers, not industry, must decide the future of cocoa (commentary)

Indonesia to tighten regulation of tuna harvest in bid for sustainability

Is a European proposal on imported deforestation too punitive? (commentary)

‘Collaboration is key’ to address big environmental challenges, says Daniel Katz

Amid a furniture boom, timber certification is just a start, say experts

One in five hectares of oil palm in Indonesia is illegal, report shows

Relying on green labels to address our thirst for the products of deforestation would be a disaster (commentary)

NGOs say FSC label offers little protection for forests, Indigenous people

Everything is traceable – unless you don’t want it to be (commentary)

FSC dumps palm oil giant Korindo amid rights, environmental issues in Papua

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