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Space mission that maps forests in 3D makes an early comeback

‘Extinct’ trees found in Tanzania sparks hope for ecosystem recovery

‘It is indeed our problem’: Interview with Mário Soares on Brazil’s mangroves

Can iron fertilization of the oceans help solve the climate crisis? (commentary)

Research shows the Caatinga is Brazil’s most efficient carbon capture biome

UK’s Drax targets California forests for two major wood pellet plants

Enviva bankruptcy fallout ripples through biomass industry, U.S. and EU

Breadfruit’s low carbon storage could be offset by fast growth, study finds

Forest and climate scientists fear Biden delay on mature forest protection

Freeze on Russian collaboration disrupts urgently needed permafrost data flow

Freeing trees of their liana load can boost carbon sequestration in tropical forests

How much carbon does ocean trawling put into the atmosphere?

Study: Burning wood pellets for energy endangers local communities’ health

New tool aims to make nature-based solutions projects in SE Asia a better sell

In Laos, forest loss and carbon emissions escalate as agriculture intensifies

Community tropical forest management linked to social & environmental benefits: Study

Despite progress, small share of climate pledge went to Indigenous groups: report

Enviva, the world’s largest biomass energy company, is near collapse

Is ocean iron fertilization back from the dead as a CO₂ removal tool?

Revealed: Why the UN is not climate neutral

El Niño hurts carbon storage in South America’s tropical forests, study says

Tropical lakes are carbon super sinks, even more than forests, study shows

From cardamom to carbon: Bold new Tanzanian project is regrowing a rainforest

Timber harvests to meet global wood demand will bring soaring emissions: Study

Microbes play leading role in soil carbon capture, study shows

Seas of grass may be dark horse candidate to fuel the planet — or not

Mycorrhizal fungi hold CO2 equivalent to a third of global fossil fuel emissions

Soil carbon in urban parks important in fighting climate change, study shows

Protected areas store a year’s worth of CO₂ emissions, study reveals

Nearly 30% of all tree cover in Africa may be outside of forests, study says

Financial downturn at Enviva could mean trouble for biomass energy

Overlooked and underfoot, mosses play a mighty role for climate and soil

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