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Verra suspends carbon credit projects following police raid in Brazil

Top brands buy Amazon carbon credits from suspected timber laundering scam

Multilateral development banks must prioritize clean & community-led energy projects (commentary)

Land tenure lesson from Laos for forest carbon projects (commentary)

How will we know when local communities benefit from carbon offset schemes? (commentary)

False claims of U.N. backing see Indigenous groups cede forest rights for sketchy finance

Little achieved for Indigenous groups at U.N. climate summit, delegates say

Indigenous land rights are key to conservation in Cambodia (commentary)

At COP28 & beyond, fair carbon markets must be part of the climate finance solution (commentary)

Carbon credit certifier Verra updates accounting method amid growing criticism

How Indigenous peoples and local communities can make the voluntary carbon market work for them (commentary)

Control of Africa’s forests must not be sold to carbon offset companies (commentary)

Can carbon markets solve Africa’s climate finance woes?

World owes it to Tanzania to keep Eastern Arc forests standing, study shows

For the oceans, global community must fund Sustainable Development Goal 14 (commentary)

At Climate Week, guaranteeing Indigenous land rights and funding is crucial (commentary)

‘We don’t have much time’: Q&A with climate scientist Pierre Friedlingstein

‘The forest is so much more than money’: Q&A with Fijian carbon project ranger Jerry Lotawa

Photos: Fiji’s first Indigenous-owned carbon credit project

Study: Tricky balancing act between EV scale-up and mining battery metals

Brazil cap-and-trade carbon framework in sight, but agriculture gets a pass

Indonesian voters want a clean energy plan, but candidates haven’t delivered

Global green growth stalled by climate finance shortfalls (commentary)

Macron touts forest conservation while promoting gas project on PNG visit

As one Brazilian state takes up carbon trading, others may fall for the ‘illusion’

Report: Forest-razing biomass plant in Indonesia got millions in green funds

IPCC warns of ‘last chance’ to limit climate change via drastic emissions cuts

Mobilizing Amazon societies to reduce forest carbon emissions and unlock the carbon market (commentary)

Carbon market intermediaries act with little transparency, according to report

Forest carbon offsets are a tool, not a silver bullet (commentary)

Carbon markets entice, but confuse, corporations: Report

On climate & biodiversity, where are we, post-COP15? (commentary)

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