Biomimicry News

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Flocking together may create birds of a feather, study finds

Color-changing robo-chameleon showcases promising camouflage tech

An economic case for competing in the XPRIZE Rainforest contest (commentary)

Through biomimicry, Brazil seeks tech innovations inspired by nature

This toad from central Africa impersonates a deadly viper to avoid predators

Bat’s tongue could inspire miniature surgical robot design

Singing frog leads to insights into human hearing

Discovery may lead to organic acrylic glass made from sugar

Financial crisis could pave way for greener economy inspired by nature

Company that turns CO2 into eco-friendly plastic gets new CEO

Challenges of starting a green business

Whale biomimicry inspires better wind turbines

Future cities will be more like ecosystems that enrich society and the environment

Squid beaks may revolutionize engineering

How falling a gecko lands on its feet

Biomimicry of sea cucumber skin may help stroke treatment

Gecko-inspired adhesive tape could improve recovery from surgery

Termites may produce cleaner biofuels

Gecko + mussels = biomimetic underwater adhesive

Gecko biomimicry produces adhesive better than the real thing

World’s largest movement has no leader but 100M employees

Agriculture modeled on biological systems may better cope with global warming

Biomimicry of beetle could produce whiter teeth

Butterfly biomimicry improves communications technology

Biomimicry of native prairie yields more bioenergy than corn ethanol

Snail venom could be used to treat pain due to spinal cord injury

Beetle biomimicry could allow robots to climb vertical glass walls

Shark biomimicry produces renewable energy system

Bacteria can generate renewable energy from pollution, help fight global warming

Bacteria can ensure clean water say researchers

Feathers, human hair used to fight oil spill in Philippines

Gecko feet inspire high-friction micro-fibers

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