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In Sumatra, a lone elephant leads rescuers on a cat-and-mouse chase

Investing in indigenous communities is most efficient way to protect forests, report finds

What’s next for Indonesia’s stalled indigenous rights bill?

No fire, no food: tribe clings to slash-and-burn amid haze crackdown

Photos: Indonesia’s far-flung indigenous seek audience in Jakarta

Amid illegal fishing crackdown, Indonesia to buoy legal catch

The dark side of China’s foreign fishing boom

Indonesia’s indigenous wage two-pronged battle for legal recognition

Fiery end for the last of the toothfish pirates

What’s being done to secure justice for SE Asia’s seafood slaves?

New life for Indonesia’s long-delayed indigenous rights bill?

End of the line for foreign-made fishing boats in Indonesia?

Indonesia’s war on maritime slavery continues

Aceh citizens sue government to save Leuser Ecosystem

Aceh’s priceless Leuser Ecosystem still shrinking as oil palm spreads

Not all escaped fishing slaves want to go home

Promised task force on indigenous rights in Indonesia hits snag

NGOs, activists fret new role for Indonesia’s spy agency

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