Animal picture of the day: Halloween frog mounts pumpkin

October 27, 2011

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Giant monkey frog at ZSL.
Giant monkey frog at ZSL. Photo by Grant Kother.

Giant Monkey Frog T-shirt
CAUTION: Sucking on this frog may make you insane.
A Halloween enrichment exercise for a giant monkey frog at ZSL London. The pumpkin was filled with flies "to stimulate his natural curiosity," according to ZSL.

Giant waxy monkey frogs (Phyllomedusa bicolor) are found widely across the Amazon basin including Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, Suriname, Guyana, and Frech Guiana.

The giant monkey frog is known for its mind-altering skin secretions. Shamans in the Amazon rainforest have used this species in hunting rituals.

Amphibians worldwide face a range of threats including habitat loss, the outbreak of a deadly fungal disease, pollution, climate change, introduction of alien species, the use of pesticides, over-collection for the pet trade, and over-hunting. More than one third of amphibians globally are considered at risk.

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Animal picture of the day: Halloween frog mounts pumpkin.