Land rights and extractives News

Indigenous youths lured by the illegal mines destroying their Amazon homeland

About 72% of gold miners poisoned with mercury at artisanal mining sites in Cameroon

‘We go in and take Indigenous lands back from cattle ranchers’: Q&A with activist Pablo Sibar

Delayed Indigenous ‘Man of the Hole’ burial reveals dispute over his land

As gangs battle over Peru’s drug trafficking routes, communities and forest are at risk

In Brazil’s soy belt, Indigenous people face attacks over land rights

Element Africa: Keeping platinum in the ground, and minors out of mines

Broken houses and promises: residents still in poverty near massive diamond project

Southern Philippine coal project moves ahead despite community opposition

First-ever regional court case involving rights of uncontacted peoples awaits verdict

“Largest of its kind” dam in Cameroon faces backlash from unimpressed fishmongers

Thailand bets on coal despite long losing streak for communities

Sulawesi islanders grieve land lost to nickel mine

Forests & Finance: Sit-ins, seeds over seedlings, and fuel-saving cookstoves

Element Africa: Diamonds, oil, coltan, and more diamonds

Amazon reserve for uncontacted people moving forward amid battle over oil fields

Activists welcome decision to revoke permit for controversial Philippine gold mine

Can Two New Bills Reshape Indigenous Rights and Illegal Gold Mining in Suriname?

Venezuelan Amazon deforestation expands due to lawlessness, mining, fires: Reports

Brazil miner sees Indigenous land as ripe for exploration if protections expire

Biomass cofiring loopholes put coal on open-ended life support in Asia

Raids reveal how illegal gold from Indigenous lands gets laundered in Brazil

A 13-year fight against gold mining in Colombian community marches on

As their land and water turns saline, Kenyan communities take on salt firms

‘The water is brown’: Community in Guyana rings the alarm over unsustainable mining near river

Organized crime drives violence and deforestation in the Amazon, study shows

Worries and whispers in Vietnam’s NGO community after activist’s sentencing

Displaced by a dam, women defenders fight for their land rights in Colombia

Amazonian communities in Peru try to keep oil-rich Block 64 in their own hands

In Thailand’s deep south, a fight to stop quarrying in a global geopark

Coal mining threatens Ethiopia’s ancient coffee forest

Proposed copper and gold mine threatens the world’s ‘second Amazon’ in PNG

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