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Trophy hunting of Amboseli’s super-tuskers in Tanzania sparks outrage, calls for a ban

Institutional conflict puts successful Spix’s macaw reintroduction at risk

For ‘extinct’ Spix’s macaw, successful comeback is overshadowed by uncertainty

Madagascar lemurs, tortoises seized in Thai bust reveal reach of wildlife trafficking

Reintroduction project brings golden parakeets back to the skies of Brazil’s Belém

Fraud and corruption drive illegal wildlife trade in the Amazon

Action plan to save West African vultures targets threat from belief-based use

In eastern Indonesia, forest bird trade flies quietly under social media radar

Javan rhino poacher gets 12 years in record sentence for wildlife crime in Indonesia

Media must help reduce conflict between tigers and people in the Sundarbans (commentary)

Poachers claim to have killed one-third of all Javan rhinos, Indonesian police say

Rewilding efforts throw a lifeline to Brazil’s most trafficked endangered bird

Max sentence request for Javan rhino poacher too low, experts say

Undercover in a shark fin trafficking ring: Interview with wildlife crime fighter Andrea Crosta

On foot and by drone, radio tracking helps rehabilitate pangolins in Vietnam

CITES halts Ecuador’s shark trade; trafficking persists amid lack of transparency

Owl conservationist Raju Acharya wins Whitley Award in hat trick for Nepal

A single gang of poachers may have killed 10% of Javan rhinos since 2019

Rewilding program ships eggs around the world to restore Raja Ampat zebra sharks

Island-building and overfishing wreak destruction of South China Sea reefs

Spotted softshell turtle release boosts reptile conservation in Vietnam

Cambodian official acquitted in trial that exposed monkey-laundering scheme

In Peru, conservationists and authorities struggle to get turtle eggs off the menu

Peru’s illegal pet monkey trade is also an infection superhighway

Impunity for Cambodia’s exotic pet owners as trade outpaces legislation

Son of Cali Cartel leader tied to Colombia-Hong Kong shark fin trafficking

Concern for Mexico’s vaquita as totoaba swim bladder trafficking surges online

Cornell receives $35m gift for research at nexus of wildlife and health

Amazon catfish must be protected by the Convention on Migratory Species COP-14 (commentary)

In East Java, social media push against Indonesia shark & ray trade lacks bite

Endangered vulture species nesting in Ghana is rare good news about raptors

Cambodia sea turtle nests spark hope amid coastal development & species decline

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