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Let’s reduce poverty & deforestation via greater EUDR traceability requirements (commentary)

In Brazil’s Cerrado, aquifers are losing more water than they can replace

Collective effort monitors Amazon wildlife in heavily logged Brazil state

Indonesian palm oil, Brazilian beef top contributors to U.S. deforestation exposure

EU law to reduce deforestation is on a knife’s edge, will leaders act? (commentary)

Brazil’s Cerrado is main beneficiary of 2021 pledge to end deforestation

Deforestation from soy shows no sign of stopping in Cerrado, report says

Ten years since anti-deforestation pledge, corporate world still not doing enough

In Brazil’s soy belt, community seed banks offer hope for the Amazon

Major soy producers announce improved deforestation commitments—with caveats

Cargill widens its deforestation-free goals, but critics say it’s not enough

Study links pesticides to child cancer deaths in Brazilian Amazon & Cerrado

‘We just want to be left in peace’: In Brazil’s Amazon, soy ambitions loom over Indigenous land

Agro giant Cargill tied to deforestation in Bolivia’s Chiquitano forest

How the Amazon’s ‘greatest devastator’ sold cattle to a Carrefour supplier 

What can the U.K. do to fight its dependence on soy?

Despite billions tied to clean supply chains, China’s Cofco still turns to deforesters

Soy: The agro-industry that devastates the Maya jungle

Can the EU’s deforestation law save Argentina’s Gran Chaco from soy?

Indigenous communities in Argentina’s Chaco fear another heavy fire season in 2023

‘They have conned us out of our lands’: Conflict brews in Peru as Mennonite settlers clear forest

Expansion of Mennonite farmland in Bolivia encroaches on Indigenous land

Indigenous communities and Mennonite colonies clash in Colombia

Mennonite colonies linked to deforestation of Indigenous territories and protected areas in Paraguay

Deforestation on the rise in Quintana Roo, Mexico, as Mennonite communities move in

Bolivia has a soy deforestation problem. It’s worse than previously thought.

Companies, big banks are still lagging on deforestation regulations: report

Poisoned by pesticides: Health crisis deepens in Brazil’s Indigenous communities

To be effective, zero-deforestation pledges need a critical mass, study shows

Growing soy on cattle pasture can eliminate Amazon deforestation in Brazil

Illegal agricultural project moves ahead on Brazilian Indigenous lands

Beef is still coming from protected areas in the Amazon, study shows

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