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Sundarbans fisherfolk are battered by cyclones amid fishing bans

As aquaculture hits historic highs, let’s ensure sustainability is prioritized (commentary)

‘Trust needs to be rebuilt’: Interview with candidate to head U.N. seabed-mining authority

French Polynesians revive traditional rāhui to protect fish — and livelihoods

For the first time ever, we’re farming more seafood than we’re catching: FAO

‘It is indeed our problem’: Interview with Mário Soares on Brazil’s mangroves

In northern Spain, climate change is killing shellfish — and women’s livelihoods

Indonesia must integrate marine protection with fisheries subsidies, study says

New approach to restore coral reefs on mass scale kicks off in Hawai‘i

Bali’s rapid coastal erosion threatens island’s ecosystems & communities: Study

Indonesia’s Avatar sea nomads enact Indigenous rules to protect octopus

Caught in the net: Unchecked shrimp farming transforms India’s Sundarbans

Conservationists upbeat as zebra shark reintroduction in Raja Ampat gathers pace

Using immersive media to strengthen support for the environment: An interview with Wendy Schmidt

Ghost nets haunt marine life in Malaysian marine park, study finds

Efforts to save Cambodia’s coast tread water as fish stocks plummet

Icelandic government grants new license to whaling company to hunt 128 fin whales

Can iron fertilization of the oceans help solve the climate crisis? (commentary)

Report: Illegal fishing and labor abuse rampant in China’s Indian Ocean fleet

Restoring Indigenous aquaculture heals both ecosystems and communities in Hawai‘i

Indonesian fishers mount a community-led fight against destructive fishing

Peru approves the creation of long-awaited marine protected area

Thai plan to relax fishing law stokes fear of return to illegal catches, worker abuse

Bottom trawling in U.K.’s marine reserves, legally, is apparently a thing

In Belize, flawed conservation measures threaten small-scale fishers’ livelihoods (commentary)

Small-scale fishers lose out to trawlers in race to catch Cambodia’s last fish

Marshallese worries span decades — first nuclear tests, now sea-level rise

As catches fall, Sierra Leone’s artisanal fishers turn to destructive practices

Otter-preneurs: Female sea otters lead the way in tool use for survival

18 years on, how are sharks faring in French Polynesia’s shark sanctuary?

Fishers decry ‘underhanded’ new initiative to protect Mexico’s vaquita

No mercy for overfished yellowfin tuna at Indian Ocean fisheries meeting

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