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Deep-sea mining’s future still murky as negotiations end on mixed note

Lebanese youths take up rods and reels to learn sustainable fishing

Indonesian activists face jail over FB posts flagging damage to marine park

In Raja Ampat, pearl farming balances business and ecological sustainability

Japan prepares to mine its deep seabed by decade’s end

Communities worry anew as PNG revives seabed mining plans

Huge new no-fishing zones give Antarctic marine predators and their prey a break

Madagascar takes key step toward improving transparency of its fisheries

Indonesia unveils plan to launch a satellite network for maritime monitoring

Son of Cali Cartel leader tied to Colombia-Hong Kong shark fin trafficking

Report: Rising slaughter of small whales and dolphins threatens ocean balance

Stalemate: WTO talks again fail to end overfishing subsidies

Fears of marine disaster loom after fertilizer-laden ship sinks in Red Sea

‘Corals dying’ as yet more bleaching hits heat-stressed Great Barrier Reef

PNG communities resist seabed mining: Interview with activist Jonathan Mesulam

Should all marine reserves ban fishing? Not necessarily, new study shows

Seabird poop is recipe for coral recovery amid climate-driven bleaching

Norwegian salmon farms gobble up fish that could feed millions in Africa: Report

Summit on migratory species sides with science, throws shade on deep-sea mining

Hong Kong as a reef fish haven? These scientists want to get the word out

With drop in illegal fishing comes rise in piracy, study in Indonesia finds

‘High Seas Treaty’ name is inaccurate and should center biodiversity (commentary)

On Kaho’olawe, new technology could restore a sacred Hawaiian island

The new Arctic: Amid record heat, ecosystems morph and wildlife struggle

No sea change on marine policy from candidates as Indonesia heads to polls

Concern for Mexico’s vaquita as totoaba swim bladder trafficking surges online

Annual South Pacific fisheries meeting nets bottom trawling controversy

EU parliament expresses disapproval of Norway’s deep-sea mining plans

In East Java, social media push against Indonesia shark & ray trade lacks bite

From exporting coral to restoring reefs, a Madagascar startup rethinks business

Pakistan bucks global trend with 30-year mangrove expansion

Indonesia and Spain sign agreement to protect migrant fishing workers

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