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Satellite collars to help boost protection for Nigeria’s largest remaining elephant herd

Camera trap study reveals Amazon ocelot’s survival strategies

The Pan Borneo Highway could divide threatened wildlife populations

The Pan Borneo Highway brings wildlife threats to nat’l park doorstep

Nigeria finds itself at the heart of the illegal pangolin trade

Africa’s largest reserve may lose half its area to oil development

New roads in Papua New Guinea may cause ‘quantum leap’ in forest loss

Cocoa and gunshots: The struggle to save a threatened forest in Nigeria

The ambitious plan to recover and rewild the feisty, dwarf cow

Indonesian officials foil attempt to smuggle hornbill casques to Hong Kong

Agriculture, mining, hunting push critically endangered gorillas to the brink

Eat the insects, spare the lemurs

In Nigeria, a highway threatens community and conservation interests

Japan resumes commercial whale hunting

Documentary seeks to tip the scales against illegal pangolin trafficking

Logging road construction has surged in the Congo Basin since 2003

Out on a limb: Unlikely collaboration boosts orangutans in Borneo

Community conservation in Namibia requires balance and understanding (commentary)

What is magic without ape parts? Inside the illicit trade devastating Nigeria’s apes

Altered forests threaten sustainability of subsistence hunting

A forest beset by oil palms, logging, now contends with a coal-trucking road

Canopy-dwelling rainforest mammals most sensitive to human disturbance

Social media enables the illegal wildlife pet trade in Malaysia

’Unprecedented’ loss of biodiversity threatens humanity, report finds

‘Landscape of fearlessness’: bushbuck emboldened following top-predator decline in Mozambique

Camera trap study finds a threatened high-elevation mammal community in Peru

Community buy-in stamps out elephant poaching in Zambian park

Solving the mystery of the UK’s vanishing hen harriers

Scientists urge overhaul of the world’s parks to protect biodiversity

Hunting pumas to save deer could backfire, new research suggests

Tapirs could be key in helping degraded rainforests bounce back

New maps show where humans are pushing species closer to extinction

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