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Vietnam creates new nature reserve, possible home to elusive ‘Asian unicorn’

481 and counting: Norway’s whaling catch hits four-year high

Rangers protecting Philippine tamaraws go hungry as pandemic bites

The ‘Cougar Conundrum’: Q&A with author Mark Elbroch

Traversing Russia’s remote taiga in pursuit of the Blakiston’s fish owl

The Large-antlered muntjac — Southeast Asia’s mystery deer (Commentary)

New study quantifies impact of hunting on migratory shorebird populations

Podcast: Five years after the death of Cecil the Lion, trophy hunting debate rages on

‘Saving sun bears’: Q&A with book author Sarah Pye

Prized as pets, are ball pythons being traded out of wild existence?

Poaching in Indonesia’s biodiverse Leuser Ecosystem on the rise amid COVID-19

‘Don’t let your cat outside’: Q&A with author Peter Christie

Poachers kill 3 near-extinct giant ibises amid pandemic pressure in Cambodia

Coronavirus is a crisis for South Africa’s captive lions, campaigners warn

Will the next coronavirus come from Amazonia? Deforestation and the risk of infectious diseases (commentary)

As pangolin trade heats up, Nigeria urged to do more to crack down

Inside the fight to save the Niger Delta red colobus

Ending illegal deforestation is good for our health (commentary)

Action plan to save Bolivia’s red-fronted macaw awaits its reboot

Bid to get ‘aquatic wild meat’ off the menu and under protection

Unsung Species: One of Earth’s rarest land mammals clings to a hopeful future (commentary)

Habitat loss, climate change make for an uncertain cricket harvest in Uganda

Liberia expands a key elephant park again, this time with help of locals

Killing gods: The last hope for the world’s rarest reptile

Action plan for red colobus

Deforestation for potential rubber plantation raises concerns in Papua New Guinea

Time is running out for Southeast Asia

Illegal hunting a greater threat to wildlife than forest degradation

Camera traps yield surprises in West Africa’s largest protected area

Rabbit-sized, deer-like species of fanged ungulate rediscovered in Vietnam

Scientists rediscover mammalian oddity in remote Vietnam

How Laos lost its tigers

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