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A year after toxic tar sands spill, questions remain for affected First Nation

Loopholes allow multilateral development banks to fund captive coal in Indonesia: Report

Jokowi’s religious mining rule divides Indonesia’s largest Islamic organization

Java farmers vow to live under own steam as geothermal project falters

Activists decry latest arrests of East African oil pipeline opponents

Pressure grows on banks to end business with Indonesian coal giant Adaro

Critics see payback in Indonesia’s plan to grant mining permits to religious groups

Canada oil sands air pollution 20-64 times worse than industry says: Study

Bangladesh island’s switch from solar power to fossil fuels threatens birds

Hyundai ends aluminum deal with Adaro Minerals following K-pop protest

Delhi gets the attention — but Kolkata’s air pollution is just as dangerous

E-bikes could cut smog, energy use and congestion globally — but will they?

This year’s ranking of EV carmakers from most to least ‘clean’: Report

Biomass-burning coal plants leave the air even dirtier, Java communities say

Indonesians uprooted by mining industry call for a fairer future amid presidential vote

U.S. natural gas expansion would surrender world to fatal warming, experts say

Indonesia to offer tax perks to companies investing in reforestation of its new capital city

Brazil’s 2024-2027 “Transversal Environmental Agenda”: The elephants in the room (commentary)

Indonesian utility PLN ordered to disclose coal plants’ emissions data

Reports allege abuses by Glencore in Peru and Colombia, and the banks funding them

Little achieved for Indigenous groups at U.N. climate summit, delegates say

Brazil’s “End-of-the-World” auction for oil and gas drilling (commentary)

Mega oil and gas auction in the Brazilian Amazon may threaten Indigenous lands

COP28 ‘breakthrough’ elevates litigation as vital route to climate action

A lithium ‘gold mine’ is buried under one of Europe’s last heritage farming systems

Indonesia pushes carbon-intensive ‘false solutions’ in its energy transition

Chemical recycling of plastic not so fantastic, report finds

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran & petrochemical industry stall plastics treaty: Critics

Glencore’s coal expansion plans face shareholder and Indigenous opposition

Disturbing graves is latest violation attributed to East African oil pipeline

Mine in ‘world cobalt capital’ displaces locals and monks under questionable circumstances

Indonesia opens carbon trading market to both skepticism and hope

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