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“Our identity is non negotiable” says Gwich’in leader Bernadette Demientieff

When Chinook salmon is off the menu, other prey will do for endangered orcas

Canadian First Nation deploys ROV in push for stronger marine protection

Whale zone ahead: A cetacean speed trap tags ships going over the limit

Honoring children and protecting the planet: An interview with musician Raffi

Efforts to tackle shark fin trade need to focus closer to shore, study says

‘Godfather of Peruvian falcons’ uncovers peregrine’s epic journey from the Arctic

P&G shareholders vote in landslide to address supply-chain deforestation

With the help of an app, Nunavut hunters document the changing Arctic

Around the world, a fire crisis flares up, fueled by human actions

Are forests the new coal? Global alarm sounds as biomass burning surges

The ‘Cougar Conundrum’: Q&A with author Mark Elbroch

Canada not walking the talk on its miners’ abuses abroad, campaigners say

Narwhals beware: Killer whales are on the rise in the Arctic

British Columbia poised to lose ‘white rhino of old growth forests’

Deep-sea mining: An environmental solution or impending catastrophe?

Prized as pets, are ball pythons being traded out of wild existence?

Endangered bats are evolving to fight off an exotic fungal disease

Arctic permafrost moving toward crisis, abrupt thaw a growing risk: Studies

New right whale protection measures announced by Canadian government

Canada working towards new future for Indigenous-led conservation

Shrinking sea ice in the Arctic opens new pathways for animal disease

As climate crisis deepens, wildlife adapts, maybe with lessons for us

‘Full-blown crisis’: North America has lost nearly 3 billion birds since 1970

Popular pesticide linked to weight loss and delayed migration in songbird

Protected areas best conserve mammalian diversity when connected with corridors, biologged weasels show

Six endangered North Atlantic right whales died last month alone

First Nations have created a robust conservation economy in Great Bear Rainforest: Report

Canada passes ‘Free Willy’ bill to ban captivity of all whales, dolphins

Where the forest has no name

Tall and old or dense and young: Which kind of forest is better for the climate?

Study maps where tunas, sharks and fishing ships meet

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