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Organized crime brings renewed threats to Yanomami in Brazil

Mineral hotspots in the Pan Amazon

Weak banking regulations leave two-thirds of Amazon vulnerable to oil and gas

Global markets and their effects on resource exploitation in the Pan Amazon

State management and regulation of extractive industries in the Pan Amazon

A short walk through Amazon time: Interview with archaeologist Anna Roosevelt

What’s really at stake in the Venezuela-Guyana land dispute? (commentary)

Jaguar release offers a lifeline to Gran Chaco’s lonely big cats

How to reward tropical forest conservation: Interview with Tasso Azevedo

Mineral commodities: the wealth that generates most impacts in the Pan Amazon | Chapter 5 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon”

Ancient giant river dolphin species found in the Peruvian Amazon

Reforestation and restoration: Two ways to make the Pan Amazon greener

Reconciling conservation agriculture and agroforestry for sustainability

Squeezed-out Amazon smallholders seek new frontiers in Brazil’s Roraima state

Bolivia’s El Curichi Las Garzas protected area taken over by land-grabbers

Land irrigation as an obstacle to agricultural intensification in Mato Grosso

What is most convenient in land distribution?

Authorities struggle to protect Bolivian national park from drug-fueled deforestation

In the Amazon, what happens to undesignated public lands?

Ecuador, Colombia and the Guiana Shield join the planning of sustainable land use

New giant anaconda species found on Waorani Indigenous land in Ecuador

Megafires are spreading in the Amazon — and they are here to stay

Low implementation of land use maps in Andean countries affects conservation outcomes and agricultural productivity

Land use planning helps advance conservation in Brazil

In Brazil’s soy belt, community seed banks offer hope for the Amazon

The creation of settlements in the Ecuadorian Amazon | Chapter 4 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon”

Report shows Peru failed to stop Amazon deforestation for palm oil and cacao

A particular agrarian reform process in Peru | Chapter 4 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon”

How to achieve the regularization of rural land in private properties in Peru? | Chapter 4 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon”

A coalition created by a demand for land is splintered by a competition for territory | Chapter 4 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon”

How Bolivia pioneered agrarian reform in South America

Terra Legal program to regularize small property owners | Chapter 4 of “A Perfect Storm in the Amazon”

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