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A wild life studying the Amazon: Q&A with author Tim Killeen

A Twitter bot tracks meat production in the Brazilian Amazon

Second chance for Lula as controversial Amazon dam goes up for renewal

Latin America had the most attacks on environmental defenders in 2022, says report

Not all parts of the Amazon will survive future droughts, study says

World’s ‘largest’ tropical reforestation project slowed by Covid, Bolsonaro, fires

Indigenous Amazon forests absorb noxious fumes and prevent diseases from wildfires, study suggests

Can a new regional pact protect the Amazon from environmental crime? (commentary)

Peru congress debates stripping isolated Indigenous people of land and protections

Brazil tackles illegal miners, but finds their mercury legacy harder to erase

Make it local: Deforestation link to less Amazon rainfall tips activism shift

Most of ‘top ten’ hotspots for jaguar conservation are in Brazil’s Indigenous territories

Lula government scrambles to overcome Yanomami crisis, but hurdles remain

In Brazil, criminals dismantle one of the best-preserved swaths of the Amazon

France seeks EU okay to fund biomass plants, burn Amazon forest to power Spaceport

Deforestation could pose disease threat to Amazon’s white-lipped peccaries

Brazilian Indigenous anthropologists turn the tables from ‘objects of study’ to active voices

Lula wants to mirror Amazon’s lessons in all biomes, but challenges await

Mapping of no-drill areas in Ecuador’s Amazon can be scaled for entire rainforest: Study

Brazil-U.S. cooperation is key for global forest conservation (commentary)

Lula’s government must go far beyond undoing Bolsonaro policies on Amazon forest & Indigenous rights (commentary)

Indigenous women record age-old knowledge of bees in Colombia’s Amazon

Forest modeling misses the water for the carbon: Q&A with Antonio Nobre & Anastassia Makarieva

Amazonian countries must act together to reverse rainforest loss, experts say

Electricity day and night: Solar power is changing isolated Amazon communities

From Japan to Brazil: Reforesting the Amazon with the Miyawaki method

Violence in Brazil’s Amazon are also crimes against humanity, lawyers tell international court

Dammed, now mined: Indigenous Brazilians fight for the Xingu River’s future

Weakening of agrarian reform program increases violence against settlers in Brazilian Amazon

From deforestation to restoration: Policy plots path to Amazon recovery

Series of small dams pose big cumulative risk to Amazon’s fish and people

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