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Female putty-nosed monkeys get their males to run defense against predators

Marine microplastics are now invading the atmosphere, study finds

Humanity’s dysfunctional relationship with Earth can still be fixed, report says

Food systems drive a third of greenhouse gas emissions, study estimates

Skin in the game? Reptile leather trade embroils conservation authority

Sharks on a knife’s edge as Maldives mulls lifting 10-year fishing ban

An Amazonian arapaima washed up in a Florida river. It didn’t swim there

Captive lions kept in ‘stressful conditions’ create perfect recipe for disease, experts say

New map shows where the 80% of species we don’t know about may be hiding

Ocean protection scheme can yield ‘triple benefits’ study says

Unrelated adoptions by bonobos may point to altruistic traits, study says

On the sea’s surface, a wealth of ocean life gets its start, study finds

Oceans helped absorb our CFCs. They’re now going to emit them back out

When a tree falls in the forest, it’s the birds that don’t make a sound, study finds

‘Minke whales for dinner’: Norway’s controversial whale hunt is still on

Scientists discover three glow-in-the-dark sharks

When Chinook salmon is off the menu, other prey will do for endangered orcas

Mystery bird not seen in 172 years makes surprise reappearance in Borneo forest

Human impacts leave reefs short on sharks and long on moray eels

Electronic ears listen to poachers in a key Central American jaguar habitat

Study highlights ‘terrible’ signs of species decline from wildlife trade

In the fight to save the vaquita, conservationists take on cartels

For marine life, human noise pollution brings ‘death by a thousand cuts’

Myanmar’s troubled forestry sector seeks global endorsement after coup

New study warns that sea levels will rise faster than expected

Activists make the case that bigger is better to protect Galápagos reserve

Boat strikes in Maldives put pressure on whale sharks’ survival odds

Ivory by any other name: Illegal trade thrives on eBay, study finds

Well, hello there: Glass frogs ‘wave’ to communicate near noisy waterfalls

Big cat comeback: Jaguars prowl Argentina’s Iberá Wetlands after 70 years

Humanity’s ‘ecological Ponzi scheme’ sets up bleak future, scientists warn

Cat fight: Jaguar ambushes ocelot in rare camera trap footage

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