most popular – 2016-12

  1. Temer government set to overthrow Brazil’s environmental agenda [19013]
  2. Wildlife for sale: More than 5,000 traffickers arrested this year in Colombia [18895]
  3. Watch video of an electric eel attack [12440]
  4. A dam shame: the plight of the Mekong giant catfish [8160]
  5. Photos: Top 20 new species of 2016 [6570]
  6. Sapphire boom propels thousands into Madagascar rainforest [6560]
  7. Terror from above: eagle tackles deer in stunning camera trap photos [6441]
  8. Rainbow-headed snake, rare wild banana among 163 new species discovered in Greater Mekong region: WWF [5472]
  9. Top 10 HAPPY environmental stories of 2016 [5268]
  10. Consumer pressure to ditch deforestation begins to reach Indonesia’s oil palm plantation giants [3903]
  11. Papua New Guinea’s oil and gas boom — blessing or curse? [3489]
  12. Hunted to the brink: Mammals in crisis [3324]
  13. Environmental licence for Sao Luiz do Tapajos hydroelectric dam denied [3069]
  14. Swallowing swimming pools: New sensory tags capture kinetics of lunge-feeding whales [2969]
  15. Cheetah populations crash as fastest-animal disappears from 91% of its range [2818]
  16. Indonesia’s rich list stacked with palm oil billionaires [2784]
  17. Hunting, not deforestation, biggest threat to Southeast Asian biodiversity: Study [2574]
  18. Wildlife for sale: Is it possible to win the fight in Ecuador? [2529]
  19. Nepal’s extraordinary devotion to preserving its rhinos [2399]
  20. Indonesia’s oil palm plantations are rife with spitting cobras [2396]
  21. What does Nature give us? A special Earth Day article [2327]
  22. Brazil pledges ‘largest restoration commitment ever made’ [2135]
  23. Scientists catch boa constrictor eating a howler monkey (photos) [2096]
  24. Chimps help farmers ‘plant’ cacao in Guinea [2087]
  25. Saving Bangladesh’s last rainforest [2030]
  26. Lakes in community hands spur gains for people and fish [2020]
  27. Which tropical forest conservation strategies are proving most effective? [1995]
  28. Mexico to get its largest ever protected area [1990]
  29. From loathed to loved: Villagers rally to save Greater Adjutant stork [1821]
  30. All I want for Christmas: a wildlife researcher’s holiday wish list [1760]
  31. Palm oil giant defends its deforestation in Gabon, points to country’s ‘right to develop’ [1641]
  32. This new spider looks like the sorting hat from Harry Potter [1629]
  33. Australian retailers accused of misusing the RSPO’s label on their palm oil products [1619]
  34. How tropical deforestation and land-use change is driving emerging infectious diseases [1563]
  35. Reports that wild Sumatran rhinos may survive in Malaysia prompt hope, skepticism [1557]
  36. Interpol says corruption in global forestry sector worth $29 billion every year [1507]
  37. Vanishing point: Bumblebee bat is world’s smallest; it’s also at risk [1498]
  38. Thailand failing to stop illegal trade in apes due to inadequate legislation [1489]
  39. The lionfish invasion: A call to arms? [1481]
  40. Forgotten forests’ of South Sudan: Camera traps capture first-ever pictures of forest elephants, giant pangolins in the country [1473]
  41. Wildlife for sale: Jaguars are the new trafficking victims in Bolivia [1449]
  42. The top 10 most biodiverse countries [1429]
  43. Why should we care about the endemism hotspot of Sao Tome and Principe [1392]
  44. World’s tallest tropical tree discovered, along with nearly 50 other record-breakers [1383]
  45. Indonesia’s forestry ministry takes Greenpeace to court over freedom of information request [1324]
  46. 5,000 wild animals killed in West Bengal, India, on World Environment Day [1316]
  47. New population of rare Myanmar snub-nosed monkey discovered in China [1301]
  48. Vietnam’s forests on the upswing after years of recovery [1283]
  49. Brazil: deforestation in the Amazon increased 29% over last year [1279]
  50. Off-the-shelf hobby drones are helping save elephants in Tanzania [1270]
  51. Vietnam faces dilemma on forests as climate change threatens coffee crops [1245]
  52. How many trees are cut down every year? [1136]
  53. Researchers say natural regeneration an overlooked but low-cost option for forest restoration [1136]
  54. Obama creates two new national monuments, protecting 1.65 million acres [1092]
  55. Bastion of biodiversity protected in eastern DRC [1086]
  56. Giraffes facing ‘silent extinction’: IUCN [1046]
  57. Study maps 187 land conflicts as palm oil expands in Kalimantan [1040]
  58. Malaysian palm oil giant IOI suspended from RSPO [1038]
  59. Explore the “Wonders of the Annamites” in this new children’s book [1033]
  60. 2016’s top 10 developments for the world’s oceans [1026]
  61. Companies are underestimating the risks of deforestation in their commodities supply chains [1022]
  62. Study points to El Nino-like global connections between forests [1009]
  63. Green groups raise red flags over Jokowi’s widely acclaimed haze law [1006]