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Sumatra pulp & paper giants violate zero-deforestation pledge, activists allege

Indonesia’s oil palm smallholders get a boost in bid for sustainability

Death of Umi sparks concern over electric threat to Sumatran elephants

#AllEyesonPapua goes viral to highlight threat to Indigenous forests from palm oil

Unrest and arrests in Sumatra as community fights to protect mangroves

Analysis: Michelin’s no-deforestation claims in Indonesia rubber plantation a stretch

Beyond deforestation, oil palm estates pose flood and water contamination risks

Critics see payback in Indonesia’s plan to grant mining permits to religious groups

On a Borneo mountainside, Indigenous Dayak women hold fire and defend forest

Hold my ointment: Wild orangutan observed healing wound with medicinal plant

Latest palm oil deforester in Indonesia may also be operating illegally

Desperation sets in for Indigenous Sumatrans who lost their forests to plantations

Indonesian company defies order, still clearing peatlands in orangutan habitat

Borneo and Sumatra megaprojects are carving up clouded leopard forests

Study challenges use of charismatic wildlife as umbrella species for conservation

Indonesian capital project finally gets guidelines to avoid harm to biodiversity

On the trail of Borneo’s bay cat, one of the world’s most mysterious felines

Unseen and unregulated: ‘Ghost’ roads carve up Asia-Pacific tropical forests

As fires ravaged Indonesia in 2023, some positive trends emerged, data show

Previously logged forests struggle to thrive, even with restoration, study finds

PalmWatch platform pushes for farm-to-fork traceability of palm oil

Fenced in by Sulawesi national park, Indigenous women make forestry breakout

Palm oil deforestation persists in Indonesia’s Leuser amid new mills, plantations

Norway pension fund breaks with U.K. conglomerate Jardines over endangered orangutan habitat

Indonesian gold mine expanding in ‘wrong direction’ into orangutan habitat

Sumatra firefighters on alert as burning heralds start of Riau dry season

Indonesians uprooted by mining industry call for a fairer future amid presidential vote

Indonesia to offer tax perks to companies investing in reforestation of its new capital city

Mini rainforest project aims to serve as Kalimantan reforestation blueprint

Reforestation of Indonesia’s new capital city stumped by haphazard planting

Palm oil deforestation makes comeback in Indonesia after decade-long slump

Study: Indonesia’s new capital city threatens stable proboscis monkey population

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