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Hold my ointment: Wild orangutan observed healing wound with medicinal plant

Indonesian company defies order, still clearing peatlands in orangutan habitat

Palm oil deforestation persists in Indonesia’s Leuser amid new mills, plantations

Norway pension fund breaks with U.K. conglomerate Jardines over endangered orangutan habitat

Indonesian gold mine expanding in ‘wrong direction’ into orangutan habitat

Bid to mitigate gold mine’s impact on orangutans hit by stonewalling, data secrecy

Freeing trees of their liana load can boost carbon sequestration in tropical forests

Newly described tree species from Sumatra could be vital for threatened orangutans

Killings of Bornean orangutans could lead to their extinction

Burn now, pay later: Fines trickle in from Indonesia’s crackdown on forest fires

Young firefighter killed battling inferno in Borneo orangutan habitat

Deforestation surges in hotspot of critically endangered Bornean orangutans

Deforestation for palm oil continues in Indonesia’s ‘orangutan capital’

World’s top sovereign fund latest to cut ties with dam in orangutan habitat

Migrating orangutan males imitate locals to learn about food: Study

Orangutan ‘beatboxing’ offers clues about human language, study says

Why did the orangutan cross the toll road to Indonesia’s new capital city?

World’s newest great ape faces habitat loss, multiple threats: Will it survive?

Orangutan death in Sumatra points to human-wildlife conflict, illegal trade

In Sumatra, increased orangutan sightings point to growing threats to the apes

Fears for academic freedom as Indonesia doubles down on scientists’ ban

What can Half or Whole Earth conservation strategies do for orangutans?

Indonesia’s orangutans declining amid ‘lax’ and ‘laissez-faire’ law enforcement

Tunnel collapse at dam project in orangutan habitat claims yet another life

Severe malaria cases in rescued orangutans raises concerns for wild populations

As Indonesia paints rosy picture for orangutans, scientists ask: Where’s the data?

‘Cursed’ dam project in orangutan habitat claims 16th life in less than 2 years

Deforestation in Borneo threatens one in four orangutans, study says

Plantations threaten Indonesia’s orangutans, but they’re not oil palm

How many orangutans does $1 billion save? Depends how you spend it, study finds

U.K. conglomerate Jardines ‘caught red-handed’ clearing orangutan habitat in Sumatra

Report: Orangutans and their habitat in Indonesia need full protection now

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