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Indonesian palm oil, Brazilian beef top contributors to U.S. deforestation exposure

Tropical forest loss puts 2030 zero-deforestation target further out of reach

Harmful mining continues in Nicaragua despite U.S. sanctions, new investigation shows

Restoring degraded forests may be key for climate, study says

Chemical spill in Nicaraguan reserve raises questions about industrial mining regulations

UN denounces new attacks on Indigenous people in Nicaragua’s largest reserve

Indigenous communities threatened as deforestation rises in Nicaraguan reserves

Displaced and deprived, Indigenous communities suffer from hunger in Nicaragua

Agricultural frontier advances in Nicaraguan biosphere reserve

Deforestation from cattle ranching also hurts rivers in Nicaragua, study says

Environmental defenders in Nicaragua denounce government crackdown as elections loom

For some Indigenous, COVID presents possibility of cultural extinction, says Myrna Cunningham

Sea turtles: Can these great marine migrators navigate rising human threats?

Concerned for the future, indigenous Nicaraguans lament lost habitats

Nicaraguan beef, grazed on deforested and stolen land, feeds global demand

How coffee growers can adapt to a precipitous industry: Q&A with Dean’s Beans founder Dean Cycon

Nicaragua failing to protect indigenous groups from land grabs: Report

Massacre in Nicaragua: Four indigenous community members killed for their land

Central American countries pledge to protect Mesoamerica’s ‘5 Great Forests’

Indigenous communities, wildlife under threat as farms invade Nicaraguan reserve

Nicaragua crisis takes an environmental toll with plunder of turtle eggs

Latam Eco Review: Seeing red over pink dolphins and flamingos

Latam Eco Review: Resistance, hope and camera traps

The female park rangers protecting turtles from traffickers in Nicaragua

Latam Eco Review: Harlequin frogs, sustainable ranching, and miracle coral

Nicaraguan beef raised illegally in biological reserve mostly exported

Extensive illegal cattle ranching destroys core area of Nicaragua’s Indio Maíz Biological Reserve

Is Nicaragua one of the world’s ‘deadliest countries’ to be an environmental defender? (commentary)

Unveiled: The unraveling of Nicaragua’s Indio Maíz Biological Reserve (commentary)

Cattle ranching threatens core of Biosphere Reserve of Southeast Nicaragua

Cattle ranching devours Nicaragua’s Bosawás Biosphere Reserve

The Nicaraguan frontier: a treasure trove under siege

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