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Sundarbans fisherfolk are battered by cyclones amid fishing bans

Shrimp farms threaten Mexico’s mangroves and the jaguars that inhabit them

‘It is indeed our problem’: Interview with Mário Soares on Brazil’s mangroves

Bali’s rapid coastal erosion threatens island’s ecosystems & communities: Study

Caught in the net: Unchecked shrimp farming transforms India’s Sundarbans

Beekeeping helps villagers tend coastal forests in Thai mangrove hotspot

Better accounting of peat and mangrove carbon to help Indonesia’s climate policies

Media must help reduce conflict between tigers and people in the Sundarbans (commentary)

Unrest and arrests in Sumatra as community fights to protect mangroves

A Brazilian city restores its mangroves to protect against climate change

Bangladesh to formalize fire mitigation plans for Sundarbans as burning risk rises

Bangladesh island’s switch from solar power to fossil fuels threatens birds

Fishers, scientists restore mangroves on a Mexican isle wrecked by salt mining

Saving Asia’s fishing cat means protecting threatened wetland habitat

Mangrove forestry only sustainable when conservation zones respected: Study

Warming seas push India’s fishers into distant, and more dangerous, waters

Bangladesh uses satellite transmitters on saltwater crocodiles in Asia’s first

Brazil boosts protection of Amazon mangroves with new reserves in Pará state

As a megaport rises in Cameroon, a delicate coastal ecosystem ebbs

Despite investment in conservation, Bengal tigers still struggling in Bangladesh

Risks to Myanmar’s last saltwater crocs point to coastal conservation needs

Study: Indonesia’s new capital city threatens stable proboscis monkey population

Pakistan bucks global trend with 30-year mangrove expansion

Mangrove crab sustainability is vital for fishers in Indonesia’s Aru Islands

Overfishing leads to decline in Bangladesh marine fish stocks & diversity

Camera-traps help identify conservation needs of Thailand’s coastal otters

Causeway threatens mangroves that Philippine fishers planted as typhoon shield

Jamaica battles relentless plastic pollution in quest to restore mangroves

Oil firm Perenco eyes new blocks in DRC amid criticism of its track record

Sumatran Indigenous seafarers run aground by overfishing and mangrove loss

New electric-blue tarantula species is first found in Thailand mangroves

Tien Hai Nature Reserve latest battleground in Vietnam’s push for development

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