Guinea bissau News

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Where do the guitarfish go? Scientists and fishers team up to find out

Guinea-Bissau turtle hatchery addresses unusual problem of too many eggs

‘I feel obligated to protect them’: A lifelong love affair with Guinea-Bissau’s turtles

For tradition and nature on the Bijagós Islands, loss of one threatens the other

Technology and tradition team up to watch over a sacred island’s sea turtles

Fears for rosewood as Guinea-Bissau prepares to lift six-year logging ban

10-year plan hopes to give western chimpanzees a fighting chance

As Guinea-Bissau records mass vulture deaths, poisoning is main suspect

Tradition and taboo keep Guinea-Bissau’s forests standing

Western Chimpanzee numbers declined by more than 80 percent over the past quarter century

On the front lines of conservation: How do rural women feel?

Officials, Greenpeace nab four boats for illegally fishing near Guinea-Bissau

West African countries come together to stop the illegal rosewood trade

Dolphins caught in fishing nets: to eat or not to eat?

Flag states can be held liable for violations of fishing vessels abroad, international tribunal rules

Goodbye to West Africa’s Rainforests

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