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Andes dams twice as numerous as thought are fragmenting the Amazon

Brazil’s fundamental pesticide law under attack

Venezuela: can a failing state protect its environment and its people?

EU-LatAm trade deal good for agribusiness; bad for Amazon, climate – analysis

Trump family planning policy may increase population, hurt women and environment

As Northwest salmon economy teeters on brink, Trump gives it a push

Unfair trade: US beef has a climate problem

Amazon deforestation linked to McDonald’s and British retail giants

Andes dams could threaten food security for millions in Amazon basin

Healthy soils can boost food security and climate resilience for millions (commentary)

Trump budget threatens Zimbabwe climate change resilience programs

‘Crunch time for biodiversity’: Farming, hunting push thousands of species toward extinction

Officials, Greenpeace nab four boats for illegally fishing near Guinea-Bissau

Fish for all? The fish-free fishmeal challenge

Program targets food security concerns among Panama’s indigenous women

Amid epic drought, villagers bitter over Zimbabwean ethanol plant

Health concerns, food insecurity linger months after Peruvian oil spills

Rising CO2 is reducing nutritional value of food, impacting ecosystems

The week in environmental news – April 22, 2016

Massive profiteering uncovered in Indonesian fertilizer distribution

Meager post-Ebola harvests worsen food insecurity in West Africa

Private sector innovations reduce food loss in West Africa

Together we stand: A policy approach to reducing food loss in West Africa

Food coating made with African ingredient aims to decrease food waste

To improve food security, look to the forests, new report says

Keeping up with the climate: efforts to reduce African crop losses face the extra hurdle of climate change

Empowering women in order to save the harvest

The crop-saving champion of Tanzania: Bertha Mjawa

Unique center trains Tanzanian farmers to preserve their fruits and veggies

New solutions aim to deliver more grain from farm to table in sub-Saharan Africa

Combating food waste in sub-Saharan Africa

Pollution from fossil fuels decreased rainfall in Central America

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