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‘Fungibility’ could sink Convention on Biodiversity’s funding mechanism Decision 15/9 (commentary)

Conservation pays and everyone’s benefitting from it (commentary)

Let’s reduce poverty & deforestation via greater EUDR traceability requirements (commentary)

“Game over” for the Amazon forest and global climate if Trump wins? (commentary)

As aquaculture hits historic highs, let’s ensure sustainability is prioritized (commentary)

Climate surprises: Amazonia and the lessons of Brazil’s catastrophic flood in Rio Grande do Sul (commentary)

The $91 billion wasted on nuclear weapons last year could transform ecosystem restoration (commentary)

As chocolate prices skyrocket from decades of deforestation, adopting agroforestry is key (commentary)

To conserve large landscapes like the Florida Wildlife Corridor, payments for ecosystem services could be key (commentary)

Brazil’s BR-319 Highway: The latest maneuver to obtain approval for an environmental disaster (commentary)

Know your salamander: To conserve amphibians, study their intelligence (commentary)

Can iron fertilization of the oceans help solve the climate crisis? (commentary)

Media must help reduce conflict between tigers and people in the Sundarbans (commentary)

Can Vietnam’s forests survive the spread of acacia and eucalyptus plantations? (commentary)

In Belize, flawed conservation measures threaten small-scale fishers’ livelihoods (commentary)

Governments are ramping up actions to fight environmental crime across the Amazon, but is it working? (commentary)

Cutting forests for solar energy ‘misses the plot’ on climate action (commentary)

Will a billionaire bankroll biodiversity? CBD Decision 15/9 as potential ‘goldmine’ (commentary)

From polling stations to weather stations, the heat is on in India (commentary)

Multilateral development banks must prioritize clean & community-led energy projects (commentary)

EU law to reduce deforestation is on a knife’s edge, will leaders act? (commentary)

Mexico’s avocado industry harms monarch butterflies, will U.S. officials act? (commentary)

It will take 880 years to achieve UN ocean conservation goals, at this rate (commentary)

Traceability is no silver bullet for reducing deforestation (commentary)

New technologies to map environmental crime in the Amazon Basin (commentary)

The potential for tracking wildlife health & disease via bioacoustics is great (commentary)

What’s really at stake in the Venezuela-Guyana land dispute? (commentary)

Land tenure lesson from Laos for forest carbon projects (commentary)

Conservation comeback in Central African Republic’s Manovo-Gounda St Floris National Park (commentary)

E-Sak Ka Ou Declaration underscores Indigenous rights as a conservation solution (commentary)

Mongabay Data Studio: Revealing nature’s hidden stories through data (commentary)

Biden’s new sanctions on Russia should include timber exports (commentary)

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