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The endless struggle to clean up Rio de Janeiro’s highly polluted Guanabara Bay

Clean me a river: Southeast Asia chokes on Mekong plastic pollution

UN Paris meeting presses ahead with binding plastics treaty — U.S. resists

Award-winning community group in Sumatra cleans up lake

Chemical spill in Nicaraguan reserve raises questions about industrial mining regulations

As Shell, Eni quit Niger Delta, state-backed report describes legacy of carnage

For weary Niger Delta residents, shocking oil pollution report offers little hope

Crud-to-crude: The global potential of biofuels made from human waste

Ethiopia used chemicals to kill locusts. Billions of honeybees disappeared

Bangladesh’s vultures still threatened by poison despite conservation actions

Madagascar: What happens to villagers when a graphite mine comes knocking?

U.N. parties are worlds apart on plastics treaty solutions

Is it safe to eat? Bangladesh fish exposed to hormones, antibiotics and toxic waste

Brazil tackles illegal miners, but finds their mercury legacy harder to erase

Pollution and climate change set stage for rise in antimicrobial resistance

Re-carbonizing the sea: Scientists to start testing a big ocean carbon idea

Poisoned by pesticides: Health crisis deepens in Brazil’s Indigenous communities

Degraded soil threatens to exacerbate Bangladesh food crisis

Hunting for future-proof marine plants in the acidic waters bathing a volcano

Tobacco: Vaping and smoking drive environmental harm from farm to fingertip

Dhaka’s ailing sewage system threatens human and environmental health

In Bangladesh, popular eggplant comes with a side of lead. And cadmium

Biofertilizers cut costs and GHG emissions for Brazilian soybean producers

Bangladesh e-waste rules hang in limbo as electrical goods companies ask for delay

Clothes sourced from plants could expand deforestation – or abate it

‘One more thing’ about plastics: They could be acidifying the ocean, study says

The mine leak was bad. The DRC and Angola’s response are no better, report says

Experts decry ‘funny math’ of plastics industry’s ‘advanced recycling’ claims

Humans are dosing Earth’s waterways with medicines. It isn’t healthy.

Sri Lanka eyes major compensation case over X-Press Pearl sinking

Acid test: Are the world’s oceans becoming too ‘acidic’ to support life?

Chinese companies criticized for mercury pollution in Cameroon

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