Animal welfare News

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Activists eye bigger roles for local officials, businesses in Indonesia’s orangutan protection plan

Sudden death of juvenile zoo elephant raises anew issues of life in captivity

China sends first pandas to Indonesia under captive-breeding agreement

Apply Animal Welfare Act rules to recreational hunting, says advocacy group

TripAdvisor bans ticket sales to wild animal attractions

World’s most expensive coffee often produced from caged, abused civets, study finds

‘Status symbols’: Japan emerging as major hub for illegal trade in slow lorises due to their popularity as pets

The week in environmental news – Feb 26, 2016

Click to like this: Is Instagram a hub for illegal ape deals?

Crab fishermen train as first responders for entangled whales

South African ranchers propose controversial plan to save our rhinos

It looks like we may be headed for a more ‘pro-animal’ future

Mauritius to kill 18,000 threatened native bats in ‘disgraceful’ cull

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