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Two new species of salamander discovered in Panama

New poison frog species discovered in Colombia

Scientists meet in Hungary to discuss saving dying frogs

Frog killing diseases worse than thought in California

Forest disturbance reduces biodiversity in the Amazon rainforest

Frogs rafted from South America to the Caribbean 29M years ago

Pictures of newly discovered species in Suriname

Global warming may be key factor in frog deaths

Scientists find possible cure for global amphibian-killing disease

Why poison dart frogs are poisonous

Frogs avoid damaging UV-B radiation, reducing extinction risk

First amphibians were biters not suckers

Bad news for frogs; amphibian decline worse than feared

Cane toads to invade 2 million square kilometers of Australia

Photos of monster cane toad captured in Australia

Salamanders dying due to common pesticide

Poisonous tree frog brings hope to indigenous community in the Amazon

‘Ark’ aims to save amphibians from extinction

Salamander diversity tied to elevation in the tropics

Pesticides threaten cloud forests in Costa Rica – new study

Poison frogs less toxic when habitat degraded

$400-Million Initiative Proposed to Address Amphibian Crisis

Frog extinction crisis requires unprecedented conservation response

Climate change fuels more forest fires in the United States

Previously undiscovered species found in Tanzania

‘Extinct’ frog rediscovered in Colombia

In tungara frogs, female choice for complex calls led to evolution of unusual male vocal cord

16,119 species at risk of extinction

6 species of frogs discovered in Laos

Harmless frogs gain protection by mimicking toxic species

Pictures of new species discovered in New Guinea

Fungus may be devastating amphibian populations worldwide

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