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Indigenous Shuar community in Ecuador wins decades-long battle to protect land

Industrial soy drives deforestation spike in Brazil, satellite images show

$245-million initiative to create and maintain protected areas in Colombia

BP exploited Mexican communities hoping to benefit from carbon credits: report

Net-zero commitments must include more anti-deforestation policies, UN tells private sector

World Bank approves $200 million IFC loan for industrial agriculture in Brazil’s Cerrado

Andean eagles have managed to adapt to fragmenting habitats — for now

Mining company destroys Indigenous cemetery during expansion in Honduras

Miners, drug traffickers and loggers: Is Costa Rica’s Corcovado National Park on the verge of collapse?

For companies shopping for quality carbon credits, a new guide offers help

Satellite data brings new insights on what drives Amazon forest loss

Investors force Home Depot to review wood-sourcing policy over logging concerns

China-funded dam could disrupt key Argentine glaciers and biodiversity

Why are Florida manatees showing up in Cuba and Mexico?

Saving old-growth forests: Q&A with Amazon Watch’s Leila Salazar-López

New report pieces together toll of environmental damage in Venezuela in 2021

Sharing a marine reserve with fishers: Q&A with Belize Fisheries’ Adriel Castañeda

Chinese investment in Latin America plagues people and nature: Report

2021 Amazon deforestation map shows devastating impact of ranching, agriculture

Luxury wood market driving extinction of rare ipê trees, report warns

WWF report calls forests a vital public health solution

El Salvador declares rare ‘red alert’ amid surge in forest fires

Honduras bans open-pit mining, citing environmental and public health concerns

Threatened wetlands in Paraguay’s Lake Ypacaraí raise legal questions

Afro-Colombian community safeguards pristine oceans with new protected area

Mexico’s top court cancels mining concessions near Indigenous communities

Fires threaten vital peatland in Chile’s Tierra del Fuego

Paraguay’s drought hits biodiversity, Indigenous communities the hardest

Sixty of one, half a dozen of the other: Rare magnolias get a new start in Ecuador’s Chocó

Displaced and deprived, Indigenous communities suffer from hunger in Nicaragua

Full steam ahead for Tren Maya project as lawsuits hit judicial hurdles

Mongabay’s 10 hardest-hitting investigations of 2021

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