Articles by Jeremy Hance

Jeremy Hance is a senior correspondent for Mongabay as well as being a blogger for the Guardian and a freelance journalist. He started his journalism career with Mongabay in 2009 and served as an editor on the site for six years. He's the author of "Baggage: Confessions of a Globe-Trotting Hypochondriac," and in 2010, Mongabay published a book of his articles entitled "Life is Good: Conservation in an Age of Mass Extinction." He's won several awards and a report he filed for Mongabay was included in the 2019 Best American Science & Nature Writing anthology. He lives in St. Paul, Minnesota with his wife, his daughter, a miniature schnauzer and lots and lots of books.

It’s Generation Climate (commentary)

On Friday March 15 — the Ides — tens-of-thousands of school-age kids around the world will go on strike from their education. It’s expected to be the biggest Friday Climate…

Bringing the tapir back to Borneo

Forty thousand years ago — 28,000 years before the Neolithic Revolution saw hunter-gatherers settle down and farm, 36,000 before the first pyramids took shape, and 39,000 before the Norman conquest…
Puma in Belize. Photo by: Rhett A. Butler.

Why top predators matter (insider)

Few species have faced such vitriolic hatred from humans as the world's top predators. Considered by many as pests, often as dangerous, they have been gunned down, poisoned, speared, finned,…
Puma in Belize. Photo by: Rhett A. Butler.
Leopard. Photo by Rhett A. Butler

Language and conservation (insider)

The words we choose matter. Benjamin Lee Whorf, an influential U.S. linguist, theorized that the language one speaks directly impacts our thoughts; he is quoted as saying, "Language shapes the…
Leopard. Photo by Rhett A. Butler