Articles by Calvin Rock Odhiambo

Calvin is a passionate writer working as a reporter and fact-checker for Africa Uncensored, an independent media house based in Nairobi, Kenya. Calvin is passionate about environment and social justice stories with a penchant for solutions-oriented developmental journalism. Calvin started his journalism career in early 2021, working as an intern before his current position. His first story on carbon emissions in the transportation sector in Nairobi, “Saving the planet one EV at a time,” won an African Climate Change and Environmental Reporting Award, organized by the Pan African Climate Justice Alliance. Prior to joining Africa Uncensored, Calvin worked as a volunteer teacher of English and literature in a local high school. Besides pitching and producing stories, Calvin also produces fact-check articles for Africa Uncensored’s fact-checking website Piga Firimbi, which is Swahili for “Blow the Whistle.” He also co-produces an informative fact-checking podcast called Verified. During his free time, Calvin enjoys writing fictional short stories, social commentaries and poetry, which he plans to publish someday.