Articles by Ashley Stumvoll

Ashley is a recent graduate of University of Toronto’s Dalla Lana Fellowship in Global Journalism. After finishing her Master of Research in Tropical Forest Ecology at Imperial College London, she realized that she preferred amplifying the reach of conservation through writing to conducting on-the-ground research. Ashley had fallen in love with the tropics as a young teen when she was given the chance to travel to the Peruvian Amazon, and has since been taking every opportunity to venture closer to the equator. Her time as an undergraduate at Emory University took her back to the same location in Peru and solidified her interest in tropical conservation. Her academic career took her around the globe to countries like Trinidad and Tobago, Panama, Malaysia and Madagascar. As a fledgling journalist, Ashley now hopes to bring others to these places through her work and to help readers reach a greater understanding of the environmental issues facing our world. Ashley is equally passionate about conservation in her native ecosystem in the Piedmont region and has a special affinity for native salamanders and oak trees. At her home in North Carolina, she enjoys trying new scone recipes, reading most of one book and then starting another one, and getting distracted from work by the bird feeder outside her office window.