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Rhett Butler is the founder and CEO of Mongabay. He also servers as managing editor.

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NASA photo shows New Guinea going up in flames

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2015 Equator Prize winners span 19 countries

Conservation Drones Summit streaming live

Target, Costco, Grupo Bimbo adopt new palm oil policies

Norway pays Brazil $1B to fulfill pledge for curbing deforestation

Disappearing giraffes

5 African countries agree to combat illegal timber trade

U.N. data suggests slowdown in forest loss

How many trees are cut down every year?

California takes step toward banning elephant ivory, rhino horn trades

Global forest loss reached 46 million acres in 2014

Brazil’s deforestation alert system reports surge in Amazon forest clearing

Good news: Stunning ‘extinct’ toad rises again in Ecuador (photos)

Rhino killing on record pace in South Africa

Rainforests doomed unless world adopts ‘development without destruction’, warn scientists

Trapped between zoo and sanctuary: the dilemma of the institutionalized ape named Sandra (commentary)

Amazon paradox: drop in large-scale deforestation makes enforcement more difficult

MacArthur Foundation puts $50M toward boosting U.S. climate leadership

Controversy and awareness-raising (commentary)

APP to clear plantations to restore peatlands

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