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Rhett Butler is the founder and CEO of Mongabay. He also servers as managing editor.

California bans ivory

The state of California has officially banned the sale of virtually all elephant ivory and rhino horn. On Sunday California governor Jerry Brown signed state assembly bill AB 96 into…

2015 Equator Prize winners span 19 countries

The United Nations today announced 21 winners of the 2015 Equator Prize, a prestigious award that recognizes community-led environmental initiatives. The winners, selected from a pool of 1,461 nominations across…
Quadcopter drone. Photo courtesy of

Conservation Drones Summit streaming live

The Conservation Drones Summit hosted by the California Academy of Sciences is being streamed live on Periscope by Bryson Voirin. You can watch here. You can also follow the event…
Quadcopter drone. Photo courtesy of
Giraffes at sunset. Photo by Francois Deacon.

Disappearing giraffes

Sadly, it is not a magician’s illusion, but a genuine plummeting in giraffe numbers across Africa. After a two-year effort spearheaded by the Giraffe Conservation Foundation, members of the International…
Giraffes at sunset. Photo by Francois Deacon.