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Microbes play leading role in soil carbon capture, study shows

The Amazon saw record deforestation last year. Here’s why.

For Central America, climate bill could top hundreds of billions annually

Rare Amazon dark soils could help forest restoration, study shows

Mycorrhizal fungi hold CO2 equivalent to a third of global fossil fuel emissions

New index identifies marine reserves that are protected in theory only

Forest conservation efforts in Peru are failing across the board, study says

An Asian grass helps Mexican farmers build resilience to climate change

Overlooked and underfoot, mosses play a mighty role for climate and soil

New research finds slow forest recovery in the Andes — and ways to improve

New study reveals fine detail on location and scale of mining sites worldwide

Not all parts of the Amazon will survive future droughts, study says

With little will to fight it, corruption is major risk for Indonesian palm oil

Mining may contribute to deforestation more than previously thought, report says

Conservationists unite to tackle Latin America’s dog threat to wild cats

Pumas create nutrient-rich ‘kill gardens’ to attract prey: Study

International mercury regulations fail to protect the environment, public health: study

Ecuador banned gas flaring over a year ago. Why is it still happening?

In Brazil, scientists fight an uphill battle to restore the disappearing Cerrado savanna

Global ecosystems are at risk of losing carbon storage ability, study says

Brazilian 3-banded armadillo benefits from community conservation in Bahia

Chinese investment continues to hurt Latin American ecosystems, report says

Companies, big banks are still lagging on deforestation regulations: report

Avian flu hits Peru, killing thousands of sea birds and infecting some marine mammals

The illegal jaguar trade is thriving online. Why aren’t governments stopping it?

Indigenous people protect some of the Amazon’s last carbon sinks: Report

Top 15 species discoveries from 2022 (Photos)

To cut emissions from cattle ranching, beef up the soil, study says

Five pressing questions for the future of lithium mining in Bolivia

Fears for academic freedom as Indonesia doubles down on scientists’ ban

Population cycles explain white-lipped peccary’s ups and downs, study shows

Rare, critically endangered gecko making dramatic recovery in Caribbean

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