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Pantanal’s intense blazes stoke fears of another destructive fire season

Amid ravaging wildfires in Venezuela, experts cite institutional collapse

As fires ravaged Indonesia in 2023, some positive trends emerged, data show

Tropical forest loss puts 2030 zero-deforestation target further out of reach

Indonesian palm oil firm fined for fires sues expert a second time over testimony

2023 fires increase fivefold in Indonesia amid El Niño

Forests hold massive carbon storage potential — if we cut emissions

Burn now, pay later: Fines trickle in from Indonesia’s crackdown on forest fires

As fire season worsens, Indonesian activists report four companies for burning

In Venezuela, a mysterious fire sparks concerns for rare mountain wildlife

Report alleges APP continues deforestation 10 years after pledge to stop

Jaguar haven in Brazil’s Pantanal burns amid ‘new normal’ of wildfires

‘Wasn’t us,’ fire-hit Indonesia claims as Malaysia chokes on poor air quality

Indonesia’s peatland restoration claims in question as fires flare up

Experts slam massive ‘discount’ in fines for Indonesian palm oil billionaire

El Niño leads to more fires and toxic air pollution in Indonesia

Palm oil, pulpwood firms not doing enough to prevent peat fires, analysis shows

Indonesian oil palm firm slapped with $61m fine for fires on its plantation

Peatlands, Indonesia’s carbon trove, are mostly unprotected, study finds

Ancient fires may be helping the Amazon survive droughts – modern ones, not so much

Bolivia has a soy deforestation problem. It’s worse than previously thought.

Mongabay’s top Amazon stories from 2022

As dry season looms, Sumatra villagers hope their peat restoration pays off

Indonesia’s Supreme Court rules President Widodo not liable in 2015 fires

Beef is still coming from protected areas in the Amazon, study shows

How close is the Amazon tipping point? Forest loss in the east changes the equation

In revising its criminal code, Indonesia risks unraveling environmental laws

Forest fires are getting worse, 20 years of data confirm

In Indonesia’s forest fire capital, the dry season brings yet more burning

We’ve crossed the land use change planetary boundary, but solutions await

Industrial soy drives deforestation spike in Brazil, satellite images show

As dry season starts in Indonesia, risk of fires — and haze — looms

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