Global Palm Oil News

PalmWatch platform pushes for farm-to-fork traceability of palm oil

Bolloré blacklisted over alleged rights violations on plantations in Africa and Asia

Palm oil giants Indonesia, Malaysia start talks with EU over deforestation rule

Video: Five Tembé Indigenous activists shot in Amazonian ‘palm oil war’

‘Sustainability is a continuous journey’: Q&A with RSPO’s Joseph D’Cruz

Palm oil giant hands over sacred community land for reforestation project

RSPO suspension of Brazil palm oil exporter tied to Mongabay land-grabbing report

Conservationists decry palm oil giants’ exit from HCSA forest protection group

Indonesia and Malaysia assail new EU ban on ‘dirty commodities’ trade

Video: Stolen Quilombola cemeteries in the Amazon, and the probe that revealed it all

Study assesses wildlife exposure to rat poison on oil palm plantations

Colombian Indigenous community waits in poverty as courts weigh ownership of ancestral land

Colombian palm oil company under investigation for polluting rivers

Polluting with impunity: Palm oil companies flout regulations in Ecuador

Community in Ecuador punished for trying to stop alleged palm oil pollution

In a sea of oil palms, even monitor lizards need islands of natural forest

Hidden camera footage exposes bribery for palm oil in Papua New Guinea

Oil palms alone can be damaging; with other crops, the benefits abound

Behind the scenes video unveils water contamination by ‘sustainable’ Amazon palm oil

Casinos, condos and sugar cane: How a Cambodian national park is being sold down the river

New palm oil frontier sparks scramble for land in the Brazilian Amazon

Brazil prosecutors cite Mongabay probe in new legal battle against palm oil firms

Communities struggle against palm oil plantations spreading in Brazilian Amazon

Déjà vu as palm oil industry brings deforestation, pollution to Amazon

‘We attack,’ Indonesia declares in joint bid with Malaysia to shield palm oil

Forest patches amid agriculture are key to orangutan survival: Study

Indonesia’s top palm oil deforesters are the usual shady suspects: Report

‘Meaningless certification’: Study makes the case against ‘sustainable’ palm oil

‘They took it over by force’: Corruption and palm oil in Sierra Leone

‘If they take our lands, we’ll be dead’: Cameroon village battles palm oil giant

How the legacy of colonialism built a palm oil empire

Dayak women of Indonesia resist gender inequality exacerbated by palm oil production

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