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China, EU, US trading with Brazilian firms fined for Amazon deforestation: report

EU consumption drives ‘import’ of tropical deforestation

Cargill pledges to stop forest to farmland conversions, but no results yet for the Cerrado

Companies to miss 2020 zero-deforestation deadline, report says

Investors warn soy giants of backlash over deforestation in South America

European Parliament to vote on timber legality agreement with Vietnam

Saving the Cerrado: Six commodities traders to disclose supply chain data

Without indigenous leadership, zero-deforestation policies will fail (commentary)

Our brains can lead us astray when making ‘eco-friendly’ decisions

EU action plan on tropical deforestation must be beefed up, or it will fail (commentary)

Borneo study explores links between farm expansion and deforestation

Rainforests: storylines to watch in 2019

The biggest rainforest news stories in 2018

Christmas ad conundrum: Is a palm oil boycott the way to save apes?

Palm oil giant Wilmar promises to take harder line with errant suppliers

RSPO adopts total ban on deforestation under sweeping new standards

Palm oil supplier to PepsiCo, Mars, and Hershey resumes deforesting in Indonesia

Deforestation-linked palm oil still finding its way into top consumer brands: report

Study games out oil palm development scenarios in Borneo

Palm oil giant’s claim it can’t control Liberian subsidiary a ‘red herring,’ NGO says

Aligning forces for tropical forests as a climate change solution (commentary)

Report finds APP and APRIL violating zero-deforestation policies with wood purchases from Djarum Group concessions in East Kalimantan

RSPO should ban deforestation, say investors representing $6.7t in assets

More companies sign on to Cerrado Manifesto

Colombia pledges to produce deforestation-free chocolate

New report spotlights financiers of palm oil giant clearing Liberia’s forests

Revealed: Paper giant’s ex-staff say it used their names for secret company in Borneo

Palm oil firms using ‘shadow companies’ to hide their links to deforestation: report

PepsiCo to probe deforestation in palm oil supplier’s Leuser Ecosystem concession

Commercial values are a key driver of Zero Deforestation policies (commentary)

Paper giant denies secretly owning ‘independent’ suppliers

Greenpeace disowns paper giant over deforestation allegations

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