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‘Trust needs to be rebuilt’: Interview with candidate to head U.N. seabed-mining authority

Forced evictions suppress Maasai spirituality & sacred spaces in Tanzania

UNESCO accused of supporting human rights abuses in African parks

Can the circular economy help the Caribbean win its war against waste?

At its fourth summit, 170 nations strive toward a global plastics treaty by 2025

Tribes turn to the U.N. as major wind project plans to cut through their lands in the U.S.

Bioplastics as toxic as regular plastics; both need regulation, say researchers

Deep-sea mining’s future still murky as negotiations end on mixed note

UN award for Nepal’s tiger range restoration spurs euphoria amid challenges

Little achieved for Indigenous groups at U.N. climate summit, delegates say

Despite progress, small share of climate pledge went to Indigenous groups: report

Russia, Saudi Arabia, Iran & petrochemical industry stall plastics treaty: Critics

‘Very good progress’ but nothing firm as deep-sea mining rules are hashed out

World Heritage Site listing for Ethiopian park leads to eviction of farming community

Forest conservation ‘off-track’ to halt deforestation by 2030: New report

Seventy-plus nations sign historic high seas treaty, paving way for ratification

U.N. ‘stocktake’ calls for fossil fuel phaseout to minimize temperature rise

Pacific alliance adopts moratorium on deep-sea mining, halting resurgent PNG project

Big promises to Indigenous groups from new global nature fund — but will it deliver?

New global biodiversity fund to restore nature worldwide by 2030 officially launches

Deep-sea mining project in PNG resurfaces despite community opposition

Deep-sea mining meetings conclude after stalemate on key agenda items

Deep-sea mining rules delayed two more years; mining start remains unclear

UN Paris meeting presses ahead with binding plastics treaty — U.S. resists

U.N. climate chief calls for end to fossil fuels as talks head to Dubai

Apache tribe decry loss of sacred site to massive copper mine at both court and the U.N.

U.N. parties are worlds apart on plastics treaty solutions

At the United Nations, Indigenous Ryukyuans say it’s time for U.S. military to leave Okinawa

After historic storm in New Zealand, Māori leaders call for disaster relief and rights

Indigenous Maasai ask the United Nations to intervene on reported human rights abuses

Bankrolling biodiversity: How are private philanthropists investing in nature?

As U.N. members clinch historic high seas biodiversity treaty, what’s in it?

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