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Report reveals widespread use of smuggled mercury in Amazon gold mining

After historic 2023 drought, Amazon communities brace for more in Brazil

Brasil, Venezuela and Peru: the geography of industrial metals

Brazil’s new pro-agribusiness pesticide law threatens Amazon biodiversity

Organized crime brings renewed threats to Yanomami in Brazil

Environmental agents intensify strike amid record fires in Brazil

Fire bans not effective as the Amazon and Pantanal burn, study says

Reintroduction project brings golden parakeets back to the skies of Brazil’s Belém

Indigenous Wai Wai seek markets for Brazil nuts without middlemen

Revealed: Illegal cattle boom in Arariboia territory in deadliest year for Indigenous Guajajara

Fraud and corruption drive illegal wildlife trade in the Amazon

The harsh, dangerous gig of seizing thousands of illegal cattle in the Amazon

Solutions to avoid loss of environmental, social and governance investment

Weak banking regulations leave two-thirds of Amazon vulnerable to oil and gas

Verra suspends carbon credit projects following police raid in Brazil

2 years after Bruno & Dom’s murders, Amazon region still rife with gangs

Brazil police raid Amazon carbon credit projects exposed by Mongabay

New bill to expand farmlands in the Amazon may derail Brazil’s green efforts

Sustainability in the extractive industries is a paradox

Ecuador’s Los Lobos narcotrafficking gang muscles in on illegal gold mining

In Amazon’s tri-border Javari region, teens fall prey to drug gangs’ lure

Top brands buy Amazon carbon credits from suspected timber laundering scam

Bird populations are mysteriously declining at an Amazon park in Ecuador & beyond

Extractive industries look at degraded land to avoid further deforestation in the Pan Amazon

Indigenous leader’s killer is convicted in Brazil, but tensions over land remain

New ban threatens traditional fishers in Brazil’s Mato Grosso state

State management and regulation of extractive industries in the Pan Amazon

Goldman Prize honors Brazilian investigation linking JBS & deforestation

Deforestation haunts top Peruvian reserve and its Indigenous communities

Amid record-high fires across the Amazon, Brazil loses primary forests

A web of front people conceals environmental offenders in the Amazon

Brazil boosts protection of Amazon mangroves with new reserves in Pará state

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