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Short on funds and long on risk, Venezuelan conservation groups worry for future

Indigenous communities in the Bolivian Amazon combat droughts and floods

What’s at stake for the environment in Venezuela’s upcoming election?

To host 2025 climate summit, Brazil will carve up an Amazonian reserve

Minerals for agricultural use can already be found in Amazonia

Ecuador’s Indigenous Cofán show how to have your turtle and eat it too

Report reveals widespread use of smuggled mercury in Amazon gold mining

Institutional conflict puts successful Spix’s macaw reintroduction at risk

In a desertscape in Brazil, science brings farms to bountiful life

In Mexico City’s precolonial canals, scientists aim to save ancient salamanders

Regions with highest risks to wildlife have fewest camera traps, study finds

Study to benchmark water quality finds key Amazon tributary in good shape

For ‘extinct’ Spix’s macaw, successful comeback is overshadowed by uncertainty

Industrial minerals in the Pan Amazon

“Game over” for the Amazon forest and global climate if Trump wins? (commentary)

After historic 2023 drought, Amazon communities brace for more in Brazil

In Peru, conservationists and archaeologists unite to save a threatened gecko

Brasil, Venezuela and Peru: the geography of industrial metals

As logging booms in Suriname, forest communities race to win land rights

Climate surprises: Amazonia and the lessons of Brazil’s catastrophic flood in Rio Grande do Sul (commentary)

Brazil’s new pro-agribusiness pesticide law threatens Amazon biodiversity

Across Mexico, World Cup infrastructure threatens biodiversity and communities

Colombian victims win historic lawsuit over banana giant Chiquita

Study says 40% of Amazon region is potentially conserved — more than officially recorded

Organized crime brings renewed threats to Yanomami in Brazil

‘It is indeed our problem’: Interview with Mário Soares on Brazil’s mangroves

Sweeping reform package threatens environmental protections in Argentina, critics say

‘Miracle’ in miniature as rare new plant defies deforestation in Ecuador

Environmental agents intensify strike amid record fires in Brazil

Mineral hotspots in the Pan Amazon

Pantanal’s intense blazes stoke fears of another destructive fire season

Fire bans not effective as the Amazon and Pantanal burn, study says

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