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Can a carbon offset project really secure Indigenous rights in authoritarian Cambodia?

Are carbon credits another resource-for-cash grab? Interview with Alondra Cerdes Morales & Samuel Nguiffo

Sierra Leone cacao project boosts livelihoods and buffers biodiversity

New report details rights abuses in Cambodia’s Southern Cardamom REDD+ project

Markets and forests: 7 takeaways from our series on the forest carbon trade

The future of forest carbon credits and voluntary markets

Leveraging the hypothetical: The uncertain world of carbon credit calculations

‘Cowboys’ and intermediaries thrive in Wild West of the carbon market

Do carbon credits really help communities that keep forests standing?

Carbon credit certifier Verra updates accounting method amid growing criticism

Can community payments with no strings attached benefit biodiversity?

Mobilizing Amazon societies to reduce forest carbon emissions and unlock the carbon market (commentary)

Forest carbon offsets are a tool, not a silver bullet (commentary)

Changing circumstances turn ‘sustainable communities’ into deforestation drivers: Study

‘That’s a scam’: Indian firm’s REDD+ carbon deal in the DRC raises concern

Does citizen ownership of natural resources hold the key to realizing deforestation commitments? (commentary)

Indigenous land rights take center stage in a new global framework for biodiversity conservation (commentary)

NGOs alert U.N. to furtive 2-million-hectare carbon deal in Malaysian Borneo

Podcast: Are ‘nature based solutions’ the best fix for climate change?

Indigenous-led report warns against ‘simplistic take on conservation’

Malaysian officials dampen prospects for giant, secret carbon deal in Sabah

Indigenous leader sues over Borneo natural capital deal

The past, present and future of the Congo peatlands: 10 takeaways from our series

Carbon and communities: The future of the Congo Basin peatlands

Holding agriculture and logging at bay in the Congo peatlands

Layers of carbon: The Congo Basin peatlands and oil

The ‘idea’: Uncovering the peatlands of the Congo Basin

How sharing and learning from failures can transform conservation (commentary)

Bornean communities locked into 2-million-hectare carbon deal they don’t know about

Bridge the North-South divide for a UN Biodiversity Framework that is more just (commentary)

Indigenous Land in the Brazilian Amazon is a brake on deforestation and may start generating carbon credits

Even as the government bets big on carbon, REDD+ flounders in Madagascar

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