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Can a carbon offset project really secure Indigenous rights in authoritarian Cambodia?

Thai plan to redraw boundaries of tiger reserve sparks concern and criticism

A Guatemalan reserve turns from civil war refuge to deforestation hotspot

Trophy hunting of Amboseli’s super-tuskers in Tanzania sparks outrage, calls for a ban

After 2-year wait, Sonoran wilderness protection law gets closer to reality

Ecuador’s Indigenous Cofán show how to have your turtle and eat it too

Thai tiger numbers swell as prey populations stabilize in western forests

Loss of water means loss of culture for Mexico’s Indigenous Yaqui

In Mexico City’s precolonial canals, scientists aim to save ancient salamanders

Ugandan chimps are eating bat guano, raising concerns over human epidemics

Regions with highest risks to wildlife have fewest camera traps, study finds

Sundarbans fisherfolk are battered by cyclones amid fishing bans

Shrimp farms threaten Mexico’s mangroves and the jaguars that inhabit them

Indonesia’s oil palm smallholders get a boost in bid for sustainability

As drought parches Mexico, a Yaqui water defender fights for a sacred river

As logging booms in Suriname, forest communities race to win land rights

Across Mexico, World Cup infrastructure threatens biodiversity and communities

Protected areas benefit nature & people, study says — with caveats

Study says 40% of Amazon region is potentially conserved — more than officially recorded

Organized crime brings renewed threats to Yanomami in Brazil

Study: A third of Africa’s great apes at risk from mining of transition metals

Camera-trap study brings the lesula, Congo’s cryptic monkey, into focus

Guardians of the sacred: Ethiopian Orthodox monks on spiritual forest conservation

History repeats as logging linked to Cambodian hydropower dam in Cardamoms

Venezuela: Water crisis looms as deforestation spreads in Yacambú National Park

Zambian forest reserve rebounds with a little assistance

Peru puts endemic fog oasis under protection

Caught in the net: Unchecked shrimp farming transforms India’s Sundarbans

Conservationists upbeat as zebra shark reintroduction in Raja Ampat gathers pace

Experts aim to protect one of Brazil’s giant emblematic tree species

UNESCO accused of supporting human rights abuses in African parks

Nepal’s top engineering, forestry colleges to align on development and conservation

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