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Strengthening crops with insect exoskeletons? Study says yes, by way of the soil

Kenyan science interns turn Lake Victoria’s fish waste into oil and flowers

Sustainable fish farming & agroecology buoy Kenyan communities

Indonesian program pays fishers to collect plastic trash at sea

Three-fourths of waste in Jakarta’s notoriously polluted rivers is plastic

Poor waste management turns dump sites into death traps for Sri Lanka’s elephants

Caffeine: Emerging contaminant of global rivers and coastal waters

Biofuel in Mexico: Uphill battle against bureaucracy, organized crime

Converting biowaste to biogas could power cleaner, sustainable Earth future

A startup deploys black soldier flies in the Philippines’ war on waste

Food systems drive a third of greenhouse gas emissions, study estimates

Geography on the plate: The culinary rediscovery of Colombia’s biodiversity

In Indonesia’s coastal villages, the plastic crisis is both homegrown and invasive

Move over, fishmeal: Insects and bacteria emerge as alternative animal feeds

Food is biggest stumbling block on zero-waste nature tour

In the rice-rich Mekong region, will husk briquettes take hold?

’Livestock revolution’ triggered decline in global pasture: Report

Indonesia leans on businesses to do more about plastic waste

Land rights, forests, food systems central to limiting global warming: report

Almost half of U.S. seafood goes to waste

Private sector innovations reduce food loss in West Africa

Together we stand: A policy approach to reducing food loss in West Africa

West Africa’s weakest links: Supply chain defects are behind worst food waste

Food coating made with African ingredient aims to decrease food waste

Keeping up with the climate: efforts to reduce African crop losses face the extra hurdle of climate change

Empowering women in order to save the harvest

The crop-saving champion of Tanzania: Bertha Mjawa

Unique center trains Tanzanian farmers to preserve their fruits and veggies

New solutions aim to deliver more grain from farm to table in sub-Saharan Africa

2 prize-winning journalists will report on Amazon, 2 new prizes announced

The beef with beef: how 12 strategies could drastically cut agricultural emissions

Throwing our food away: Up to 50% of the food produced worldwide is wasted

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