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In Cambodia, Indigenous villagers lose forest & land amid carbon offset project

Don’t even study it: Geoengineering research hits societal roadblocks

On heavily dammed Mekong, tracking study tries to find where the fish are going

Animal welfare advocacy must include wildlife & invertebrates (commentary)

Leading the charge in philanthropy across Asia: Interview with Lim Seok Hui

Beleaguered Indonesian civil society gets lift in push for just energy transition

What’s at stake for the environment in Venezuela’s upcoming election?

Siamese crocodile hatchlings a ‘promising sign’ in Cambodia, but greater protection needed

Protecting Nigeria one child & one tree at a time: Interview with Doyinsola Ogunye

Biochar could play big role in Bhutan’s carbon storage — but it’s news to farmers

Activists in Cameroon repeatedly questioned by authorities following Mongabay story

Sun block: The promise and peril of solar geoengineering

To host 2025 climate summit, Brazil will carve up an Amazonian reserve

PHOTOS: For Kenya’s Maasai, a new faith may undo age-old conservation traditions

Nepal’s youngest national park looks to elevated lanes to prevent roadkill

Where Javan leopards thrive, so do other wildlife, study shows

Can a carbon offset project really secure Indigenous rights in authoritarian Cambodia?

Thai plan to redraw boundaries of tiger reserve sparks concern and criticism

A Guatemalan reserve turns from civil war refuge to deforestation hotspot

Shaping the next generation of Indigenous rangers: Interview with Manni Edwards

Nepal’s shifting biodiversity research landscape: Interview with Karan Bahadur Shah

After 2-year wait, Sonoran wilderness protection law gets closer to reality

‘A harmonious human-primate society’: Interview with Whitley winner Kuenzang Dorji

‘Fungibility’ could sink Convention on Biodiversity’s funding mechanism Decision 15/9 (commentary)

Space mission that maps forests in 3D makes an early comeback

Report reveals widespread use of smuggled mercury in Amazon gold mining

To end turtle hunting, an African island state embraced the hunters

‘Extinct’ trees found in Tanzania spark hope for ecosystem recovery

Loss of water means loss of culture for Mexico’s Indigenous Yaqui

African markets tackle food insecurity and climate change — but lack investment

A year after toxic tar sands spill, questions remain for affected First Nation

Loopholes allow multilateral development banks to fund captive coal in Indonesia: Report

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